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religious exemption

Religious Exemptions for Vaccines in Animism

Pan Society is being asked for letters for religious exemptions for vaccines. The free-exercise clause of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment requires state accommodation of individuals who object to vaccinations on religious grounds. Government neutrality also requires religious accommodation when the state offers secular exemptions,...

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creating connection

Creating Connection With Others

Creating connection with others isn't something that is formally taught. We learn it from our families in the ways that they socialize. If your family didn't have healthy boundaries or you were left alone a lot, you may not have learned how to do this. I'm...

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tree felling ritual

Tree Felling Ritual

Animism is about living in relationship with all that is. Presumably we want this to be a harmonious relationship; however, sometimes we need to do things, like cutting down trees, that break our hearts. For those times, we need a tree felling ritual. Now, I don't...

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rewild yourself

How To Rewild Yourself

Lots of people are turning to animism to get closer to Nature. They are engaging in things like organic gardening, water collection, and eco-recreation to be kinder to the environment. But what about you? Are you ready to rewild yourself? What is Rewilding? What do I mean?...

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spiritual blocks

Dealing With Spiritual Blocks

Most of the people that I work with come for help because they believe that they are spiritually blocked. Experience teaches me that there is only one spiritual block. The rest of the issues are coping skills that keep you safe from a perceived threat....

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types of spirits

Identifying Different Types of Spirits

It's tricky when you're identifying different types of spirits because every culture does it differently. If you have a different way to do it, share it in the comments. This is only meant to be an introductory guide to get you thinking about the beings...

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cultural tourism

Cultural Tourism Issues You May Not Have Considered

With travel back in swing, lots of people are thinking about how they'd like to spend their vacation time. Spiritual and cultural tourism has been booming in the last decade. However, before you book that trip, here are some cultural tourism issues you may not...

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