What Does This Mean? Definitions for the Curious.

As we get more and more questions from curious listeners about animism, it became obvious that we need some sort of data base for definitions so that we can communicate clearly. This page will continue to grow. Please use it as a starting point to keep the discussion going. Agnostic– a person who neither believes […]

night vigil

How to Hold a Night Vigil

We get a lot of requests for rituals. I get it. Lots of people want step-by-step directions and outward signs that they are practicing animists. The night vigil is a very flexible, common ritual that can be used for many purposes. Keep reading and I’ll explain how to do one. What is a Night Vigil? […]

poetry is an amazing tool

Why Poetry Is an Amazing Tool to Deepen Your Animist Experience

Look at that kitty. What can you say about this picture that will make me feel something? Whatever you conjure, that’s poetry. It’s communication from your soul that bypasses your intellect and go straight to your truth. THAT is why poetry is an amazing tool to deepen your animist experience. To get to the essence […]

house warming

The Heart Warming Symbolism Behind Simple House Warming Gifts

Okay, so house warming gifts aren’t something that “belong” strictly to animists. But there are a lot of animist values that are demonstrated in this practice, so I wanted to talk about it. What values? Generosity, hospitality, reciprocity, and caretaking to name a few. The animist world is symbolic. Your home is your sanctuary, so inviting […]

big mama

Five Qualities You Need to Become “Big Mama”

A friend of mine lost her mother this week. Her passing left a gigantic hole in the family. My friend is facing the prospect of becoming the family matriarch with a lot of intimidation. I get it. Most families have a “Big Mama.” She’s the glue that holds the family together when things feel like […]

problem with indigenous animism

The Surprising Problem With Indigenous Animism is…

I had an interesting conversation with someone recently about the problem with indigenous animism. It was illuminating because it highlighted some misconceptions that are easily cleared up. Let’s take a look. It’s a Utopia Some people have this romantic point of view that indigenous people were living in harmony with Nature and themselves before the […]

respecting the Darkness

Respecting the Darkness in the Spirit World

Someone recently came to me with a story about how he was planning to battle the Darkness. That story told me it was time that we shared some thoughts about respecting the Darkness. What’s the Darkness? But first, a definition. What do I mean by “Darkness?” Do I mean things that are unseen? Evil? Energies […]

liminal space

Exploring the Scary Doorways of Liminal Space

Doorways. The horizon. Midnight. The water’s edge. Stairwells. Elevators. Living in the covid pandemic. Cliffs. The mouth of a cave. New Year’s Eve. Equinoxes. Solstices. Rites of passage. Separation. Birth. Death.  These are all liminal spaces, or places of in between this and that. They are magical doorways of potential where ordinary boundaries don’t exist. […]

spiritual self check

Four Spiritual Self Checks to Keep You On Track

If you are a growth oriented person (and I recommend it so that you can grow into a helpful elder), you’ll want to do spiritual self checks once in a while. A spiritual self check is a “how am I doing?” moment.  You can do them periodically to make sure you’re on track. You can […]

how to love your space

How to Really Love Your Space

A pretty white cottage with a circular driveway lined with flowers sits along the road to town. I don’t drive past it often, so I was surprised when I saw it looking grey and forgotten one day. It seemed to happen over night – like the life just went out of it. And the “for sale” […]


How to Stop Othering and Start Belonging

Are you engaging in “othering?” We all do it sometimes. Many of the ways we do it are unintentional. Sometimes we even do it when we’re coming from a good hearted place. Regardless of why, it’s destructive. It creates separation that takes us out of a place of compassion, love, and belonging. Why Do We […]