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religious exemption

Religious Exemptions for Vaccines in Animism

Pan Society is being asked for letters for religious exemptions for vaccines. The free-exercise clause of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment requires state accommodation of individuals who object to vaccinations on religious grounds. Government neutrality also requires religious accommodation when the state offers secular exemptions,...

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promise of animism

Examining the Promise of Animism

Someone recently asked me, "Why should I practice animism? What's in it for me?" That's a fair question given that some religions are based upon a god's promise. Some religions promise a place in the afterlife beside Him. Some promise eternal life in the spirit world....

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listening to the stones

Listening To The Stones

When we want to shed our sadness, release our longing, or heal our hurts, we tell it to the trees. When we need to find our center or gain in wisdom, it's time for listening to the stones. The stones are Elders of the earth. They've...

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Planning Your Animist Thanksgiving

For many Thanksgiving is a dreaded holiday. Maybe they aren't on great terms with their family. Maybe Thanksgiving has negative connotations to it. It could be that past Thanksgivings were not pleasant affairs and there is no reason to believe that this year will be...

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