About the Founders

Laura Giles

Being from a mixed ethnic and spiritual background with indigenous roots makes it easy for me to move easily anywhere, yet I never felt like I truly fit in anywhere outside my own family. I recognized that others have this same experience. We all long to belong, yet adopting the spiritual practices of other cultures or our own cultures that we lost touch with might feel inauthentic.

I decided to use what I knew from my ancestors, learning, and life experience to create a place where modern people can get that connection in a healthy, authentic way. I want to create a new paradigm where people don’t have to choose between being white or black, Democrat or Republican, modern or traditional. A place where sovereignty and individual thought is cherished, connection is stronger than the urge to divine, and Oneness is celebrated. At Pan Society, LTD you can feel free to be who you are, where you are without judgment. Since Divinity is part of each of us, we each have access to the inner guidance that let’s us shine in our own authentic way.

I don’t consider myself the “inventor” of Pan. Pan Society, LTD has existed forever and will always be. I just packaged it in a way that is accessible. For me, Pan Society, LTD is not just church. It’s a way of being. I invite you to explore the world of Pan Society, LTD and see if it feels right for you.

Rick West

Where nature, music and magic converge is my home. I became one with Gaia while growing up on the Florida beaches and in the deep woods of western North Carolina. I carry the music in my bones, and magic always seems to somehow find me.

My path has led to many and varied experiences – zen, tarot, stage, anthropology, wall street to name a few – and nature / music / magic have made it a great ride.  Now, Pan Society, LTD.

The intention for Pan Society, LTD is to encourage and assist you to re-enchant your life. Rituals are fun and exciting, but you don’t require them to find your authentic self. You just commit, take a breath, then another, and see where it leads. You notice how this or that makes you feel, and you follow the good feelings. As you learn more and more how to love, and how to be loved, the all opens itself to you like a desert rose.

My intention is to grow alongside you. Together, we find our highest form. Our spirits will guide us. Pan Society, LTD awaits.

Pan’s Mission Statement

It’s very simple. It’s three things:

Sovereignty ♦ Connection ♦ Oneness