wild violet

Wild Violet is Here!

I love this time of year. Old friends come back to revisit the earth for a while, and the newest one is wild violet! Some say that this is a horrid, invasive weed that is hard to get rid of. I say it’s a useful part of Nature. Let’s take a look.

Using Violets Medicinally

Violets stimulate the lymphatic glands to help you eliminate toxins. They also strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. When used as a tea, they are good for sore throats, sinus infections, respiratory symptoms, colds, and insomnia. A tea compress applied to the back of the neck can relieve headaches!

Don’t get carried away though! Violet is also good for getting the bowels moving.

Violets as Food

The flowers are edible and can add sweetness and color to salads, greens, and sandwiches or as a garnish. In addition, they are healthy. They are high in Vitamin C, A and other vitamins and minerals. You can use the raw leaves in salad as well, or cook them.

To make violet vinegar, fill a glass jar halfway with unsprayed flowers and top with vinegar. Seal the jar and leave it in a dark place for a few days, and then it’s ready to use on salads. You can also use it in the bath, as a hair rinse, on sunburns, or to soothe wasp stings.

Violet Lore and Magic

If you receive violets as a gift, they mean “faithfulness.”

Use wild violets in spells with lavender to increase your luck in love. You can also use them in protection, wishes, peace and healing spells.

Violets are affiliated with Venus, hence the love connection, and Pluto. Pluto  gives them an association with death and rebirth, so they are the perfect spring flower.

Wild violet is an abundant, beautiful plant that is found in shady places. It’s hardy and easy to cultivate. If you’re not using it, why not give it a try now? See how Nature provides.

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