Why Sage Is Not Enough to Clear Evil Spirits

sage won't clear evil spirits

Why Sage Is Not Enough to Clear Evil Spirits

I was browsing around the internet and saw two articles from big name media that recommended using sage to clear “evil spirits.” 

Say what?! Now I know where these wild ideas are coming from! Let’s set the record straight on using sage to clear negative energy.

Sage is fabulous for clearing airborne bacteria. It’s also good for lifting energy and mood because, believe it or not, burning sage adds more negative ions to the air. Negative ions help you feel better. Smoke has been used since antiquity to lift negative energy from a space and take our prayers to the Otherworld. What it can’t do is clear “evil spirits.”

Think about it. If we are talking about a dead-yet-not-passed-on human, would that be enough to dissuade you from occupying a space? Particularly if you were motivated to be there? No. You’d just back off until the smell dissipated and come right back – if you were perturbed at all.

Lots of people burn sage at a home funeral. Are they trying to wave their loved one off? In the old days in churches, it was burned to mask the smell, help the prayers to reach the Otherworld, and for purification for the mourners and the deceased.

When you are doing any job, you need the right tools. Using sage to rid yourself of an unwanted entity is like using a gloves to fight off the cold when the rest of you is naked. It does what it does well, but it’s not enough.

It’s fantastic to take charge of your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. And if you are new to this area, it’s also responsible to educate yourself from people who know what they are talking about – not media that is designed to generate ad revenue and sell products!

If you are curious, find your tribe. Go local. Get real (not virtual), and live your life. You will gain experience that teaches you what is real and how to be sovereign. If you want instruction, please see our online school. We aren’t going to tell you right off the bat how to do things like clearing “evil spirits” because you need a foundation in so much more first. We won’t lead you into the deep end without knowing that you are ready for that.

So please stop getting your spiritual information from the mainstream media.

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