Why Poetry Is an Amazing Tool to Deepen Your Animist Experience

poetry is an amazing tool

Why Poetry Is an Amazing Tool to Deepen Your Animist Experience

Look at that kitty. What can you say about this picture that will make me feel something?

Whatever you conjure, that’s poetry. It’s communication from your soul that bypasses your intellect and go straight to your truth. THAT is why poetry is an amazing tool to deepen your animist experience.

To get to the essence of a thing, you have to forget what you think you know and see it anew. You have to go deeply sensual, into those feelings, taste, touch, smell, and notice all the nooks, crannies, and ripples of a thing. You have to get to know it, if not create a relationship with it. Search until you find the truth of it, then speak it.

In the process, you get to know yourself. We (and I include our inanimate brothers in this) are all mirrors of each other. Sometimes we see ourselves in the glass and sometimes we hold up the glass so others can see themselves.

Look at these lines from “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.

Do her words move you? Do you see something new? Can you feel the truth?

Good poetry doesn’t judge. It just speaks what it finds. In that space of truth, healing can happen. Maybe understanding. Or compassion. Forgiveness. Or perhaps tethered grief is unleashed.

We live too much in a world of thoughts, judgments, and pronouncements – things that really distance us from living. Poetry is an escape from goals, 5 year plans, deadlines, duties, and rules. It’s a journey to the heart of what is.

When you’re alone, sometimes it helps to feel understood. Poetry can do that. It connects us. Check out “How’s Your Heart” by Charles Bukowski.

to awaken in a cheap room
in a strange city and
pull up the shade
was the craziest kind of

Poetry takes us to a natural place. It opens us up, breaks patterns, and sets new ones in motion. It can transform us and take us higher than we imagined possible.

For one final example of why poetry is an amazing tool to deepen your animist experience, let’s look to Rumi who said:

At night, I open the window
and ask the moon to come
and press its face against mine.
Breathe into me.
Close the language-door
and open the love-window.
The moon won’t use the door,
only the window.

Now how does the kitty look?

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