Why Not Let Yourself Molt Now?

let yourself molt

Why Not Let Yourself Molt Now?

Do you ever wish you could shed your skin and get a shiny, new one? Why not let yourself molt?

What’s molting? It’s the quick and natural shedding of skin, hair, external skeleton, or feathers. Unlike shedding, molting happens periodically to help animals to attract mates, grow bigger, become healthier, or shed their winter coat. When frogs, birds, snakes, and insects molt, they undergo a physical renewal.

Have you ever gone to a school reunion and met someone you hadn’t seen in years and they are exactly the same as they were in high school? It’s not a good look, is it? They may have been perfect as they were then, but that same way of acting and thinking doesn’t work for the person they are now.

Change is a permanent feature of life. If we don’t evolve with life, we become outdated and out of step with the times. The only way to grow is to let go of what’s familiar and renew.

I often say that Nature is our best teacher. If you look around, you’ll see that many animals molt. It’s a transformative process that shows up on the outside. Humans can learn from that trick!

Humans don’t technically molt because we shed skin continuously rather than quickly. However every 25 – 27 days, or about once a month, all our skin cells are replaced with a new layer. So what if, every lunar cycle, you allow the changes that you created or endured show up on the outside? Not in a new skin, but in a new attitude, a makeover to reflect that new attitude, a new way of relating, or a new direction?

This gives us practice of being mindful and present. It forces us to tune in and catch the inside up with the outside. It helps us to be more natural and authentic.

Not sure how to do this? Pan Society has a new moon circle. Join us. We will guide you through the process. We also have an online school that will show you the way to live in relationship with yourself and the world around you in a way that is authentic to you. If this appeals to you, you are welcome here.

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