Why Is Autumn So Hard?


Why Is Autumn So Hard?

I work as a therapist, and I can tell you that lots of people are asking “Why is autumn so hard?” right now. Autumn is a time of slowing down and letting go. If you look around, all the leaves are dying. The Earth is yielding up the last of her treasures in preparation for going dormant and resting.

In doing so, she’s showing us what we ought to be doing. “As within, so without.” So, if this time feels really hard, it’s probably a sign that we haven’t been doing a great job of flowing with Nature. So why not do that now?

Slow Down

Autumn can be hard if we’re not conserving energy. Summer is a yang or active time of year. As we downshift into autumn, our energy production slows so our output needs to slow too. Look around at Nature and you will see the plants and animals slowing down. Follow suit. Sleep more. Lounge more.

Eat less and change what you eat to reflect your local food choices and body chemistry.

Continue to meditate or do yoga or qigong to cultivate that slowing down energy. The mind and body need to rest. We are cyclical beings. Autumn is for slowing down.

Letting Go Throughout the Year

There are many times within the wheel of life when the energy favors letting go. The full moon is one of the quickest because it happens every 29 days. Each month the energy cycles and changes. The full moon shines the light on your wants and needs and shows you what is not in balance. If everything is hunky-dory, it probably feels smooth.

If it’s not, the pressure ratchets up to provoke you to make changes. When you make it a practice to go within, tune into the moon, and let the moon’s energy help you change, the seasonal changes aren’t so rough. Miss one? No big deal. It will happen again in another month, so if you cultivate a regular full moon practice, you will never get to autumn with a lot of baggage again.

Mercury retrograde happens three times per year. This isn’t really about letting go, but revising, redoing, revisiting. The message of Mercury in retrograde is “Are you sure? Check again.” When you slow down and correct along the way, you avoid big mistakes and massive changes. You can use this time too to release and let go.

Fall gives you three whole months to focus on letting go. It’s a time of loss and grief. So feel your feelings. Things that you’ve stuffed down have a tendency to blow up right now either emotionally or as dis-ease. Give those feelings an outlet. You don’t want to carry the seeds of dis-ease within you.

In Nature, there is no free lunch. It’s a “pay me now or pay me later” type of system. ┬áIf you wait until fall to practice letting go, it can pile up and feel overwhelming because Nature collects with interest. You could blow up, burn bridges, and make drastic changes when a detour would have worked much better six months or a year ago.

Autumn doesn’t have to be hard. Living life as it happens is a lot easier. If it’s not easy now, do what you need to do to create balance and harmony. Then resolve to be more fully present in the wheel of life tomorrow.

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