What’s the Purpose of Meditation?

purpose of meditation

What’s the Purpose of Meditation?

There are lots of benefits to meditation. Many people feel that those benefits are the purpose of meditation, but they are really two different things. To see what I mean, let’s first talk about a few of the many benefits.

Meditation to Manifest Change

The Law of Attractions (LoA) says that our lives are a reflection of our beliefs. If we change our beliefs, we change our lives. So, a lot of people use meditation to affirm positive things. If they can believe it, they can achieve it. There are meditations to manifest money, abundance, love, happiness, and so many other things.

Meditations for Healing

Meditation is scientifically proven to help with stress reduction, better sleeping, reducing anxiety, decreasing blood pressure, and even pain relief. Lots of people engage in it for these physical and emotional benefits.

Meditations for Finding Answers

Meditation can put us in touch with our Higher Power, spirit guides, or inner self. We can all tap into this resource for creativity, solve problems, or get direction. It’s like a super power that we all have to learn about life or ourselves.

Meditation for Spiritual Awareness

There is no doubt that meditation has long been associated with spiritual practices. Many use it to connect with Source or to have mystical experiences that go beyond the every day life.

Although meditation can provide all these things and more, none of these is the purpose of meditation. These are the byproducts.

Animism is about living in relationship with all creatures – plants, animals, the mineral realm, humans, and the spiritual realm. Meditation is a practice that allows you to reconnect with Source, to relate to the Oneness, both as you individually experience it, and as it is in its wholeness. It’s not about doing anything or manifesting anything. It’s more about getting out of your own way and remembering.

Although music, guided scripts, movement, mantras, poses, and rituals are very helpful for getting started or achieving purposes like the ones mentioned above, they can also be detours that take you away from the experience of remembering. If you simply remember, perhaps you won’t need to do those other things.

It’s tempting to do too much. Trying too hard is what keeps you from relating and being. If you’re struggling, go simple. Strip your practice of everything.

Forget about your posture, breathing, poses, or any other ritualistic thing that you do. Be like a child and just be. Go simple. Do no thing. Don’t do, not do, think, or try. Be in that place where emptiness and fullness meet for your set period of time.

Some sessions will feel “blah.” In some you may meet your inner demons or jokers. Tears, shudders, tingles, and joy may also greet you.

Don’t judge your experience. Just let it be as it is and you may find that the purpose of meditation is for you to experience your you-ness.

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