What Is a Psychopomp?

what is a psychopomp

What Is a Psychopomp?

I overheard someone ask someone else, “What is a psychopomp?” Whew! I had no idea that this type of idea had gone mainstream!

It’s good that we’re talking about these kinds of things. So let’s make sure we have accurate answers.

The word “psychopomp” comes from the Greek language, and it means “soul conductor.” So a psychopomp is someone who accompanies the souls of the dead to the Otherworld.

In a “good” death, someone dies. The family performs cultural funeral rituals and says their goodbyes. Their deceased loved ones in spirit form, angels, or a psychopomp in some other form (it’s different for different cultures), shows up to escort the deceased into the Light. The dead arrives well, and there is a complete crossing over.

There are many reasons why someone might not have a “good” death and this doesn’t happen. Some examples are:

  • death was sudden, shocking, or violent and the deceased doesn’t know they are dead
  • the deceased fears Hell and chooses not to go into the Light
  • the deceased has no spiritual stories or instruction and doesn’t know what to do
  • there is a strong attachment to someone who is still living and the deceased doesn’t want to leave
  • sometimes a living person is overwhelmed with grief, so the dead can’t move on
  • there is unfinished business keeping the deceased here
  • the deceased was mentally ill or intoxicated at the time of death and was confused

When this is the case, the deceased can become trapped in the In Between without the help of a psychopomp.

Normally, the psychopomp greets the deceased at the time of death. When that connection isn’t made, someone from this side of the veil has help. There are many ways that this can be done.

If grandma is hanging around because she loves you, you can simply ask her to move on. Since she hears you, no outside intervention is needed.

If you’re living in a haunted house and don’t know the entity, speaking directly to the spirit may not be that useful. A skilled medium may be more effective.

If the person is attached to you, hypnosis could be your best alternative so that you can speak to the attached entity.

I don’t advise exorcism or deliverance type procedures because these may help dislodge the deceased from the host, but if they are not escorted to the Light, they will likely either return or move on to bother someone else. Also, any violent approaches to force someone out is unkind. Remember that you’re dealing with a confused life form that needs help.

So, although it sounds like a fancy word, the psychopomp simply makes sure the deceased gets to the Otherworld. It can happen just after death or at any time afterwards. With a little loving attention, everyone can make that crossing.

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