What Do You Do At an Animist Bonfire?

what do you do at a bonfire

What Do You Do At an Animist Bonfire?

We have all kinds of people peeping in with wonder and want to stick their toes in the Pan Society vibe, but have lots of questions like “What do you do at a bonfire?” We love questions! Please keep them coming. We want you to feel comfortable, and we don’t know what you don’t know unless you ask.

Our bonfires are generally held on the holy days, but sometimes we will have them just to stargaze or be with other people who love a fire and being out in nature. It’s a great way to get your Nature on and rewild yourself- if only for a night.

If there is a ritual planned, there will be a theme and an intention. They are always something general that applies to everyone. The intentions are sometimes seasonally appropriate as well. Examples are things like fertility, gratitude, the harvest, grief, releasing and making space, manifesting something new, or getting in touch with Spirit.

We will use the energy of the Moon, the season, and the group to intensify the connection and support each other. As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it, so it’s usually pretty illuminating.

Sometimes bonfires are socials. Even when we have a ritual, it usually ends with a social. This means we don’t have an agenda. We just go with the flow and let the spirit move us. This can end up looking like drumming, dancing, singing, roasting marshmallows, telling stories or jokes, or just talking into the wee hours. It’s not usual for a spontaneous healing session to break out.

If we’re singing, dancing, or drumming, it can get really trance-y. You can have meditative experiences, get messages from spirit, get on a creative groove with someone else in the circle, or just find your heart expanding and opening up.

It’s funny how time slips away when you’re by a bonfire. The fire hypnotizes and relaxes you so what wants to come out finds it’s way out – especially if you’re near all four elements and have the sky above, the earth beneath, the fire in front, and the water within sight somewhere. Everything is just amplified when that happens and seems to come into balance. That’s my all time favorite.

So, bonfires often aren’t about an agenda. They are more of a space to just be with yourself, the earth, the sky, and with other people. It’s definitely a connecting experience, a grounding one, as well as one that opens you up to whatever you need to see. Covid-19 has us pretty shut down (rightly so) right now, but everything will right itself eventually. So keep your eye out for the next one. We hope to see you there.

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