VIDEO: Charms, Amulets, & Talismans

Whether you’ve ever worn a cross or carried a lucky rabbit’s foot, you probably have some experience with charms, amulets or talismans. While we tend to consider them the same thing they are actually different.

Charms are like rabbits’ feet or four-leaf clovers. They are small items that we usually carry in our pocket or wallet for luck. These items are usually found but some can be made.

Talismans are objects, that made or found, that are usually worn for protection or blessing. Examples would be a St. Christopher medallion, cross, or Star of David. These are symbols of faith that give the wearer a sense of peace, protection, and blessing.

Amulets are objects that give the wearer strength or power. It magnifies the energy a person has for magic workings or just to make them stronger or wiser.

Do you carry a lucky charm or talisman?


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