Twelve Ways to Raise Your Vibration

raise your vibration

Twelve Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Everything vibrates at a different frequency. Everything has its own healthy frequency. When your body’s frequency is lower than optimal, you can feel dark, moody, stuck, irritable, and unproductive. This shows up in your outer world as sadness, lack of aliveness, love, and opportunity. It can bring a feeling of not being your true self.

This is a huge indication that you are not taking up enough space, feeling your feelings, following your heart, or making wise choices. Fortunately, if it’s that easy to throw your energy in a downward spiral, it’s also that easy to raise your vibration. So let’s talk about how to do that.


To bring new energy in or move old, stuck energy, you need to have space. So start by moving things out. If you are in a cluttered environment, clean stuff out. Get rid of things you don’t need. This could be habits, material goods, people, or ideas. Everything has a shelf life. When something is no longer of use to you, it’s wise to let it go. If you chronically have too much stuff, it’s like dragging around a suitcase of things “just in case” when all you need is a bathing suit. Let the other stuff go. Travel light and lean. It will keep you in a place where you are always able to take advantage of the opportunities that are present now.

Healthy Food

Much of the body’s energy comes from what we put into it. If we’re eating microwaved, processed, sugary, dead foods, you can’t really expect to feel very vibrant and alive. Your body need fresh, alive, clean food and water to function optimally. Think of it this way. When your car has dirty gas or oil, it doesn’t run very smoothly, does it? The body is the same. High vibration foods create a high vibration body.

And remember this. You can’t supplement your way to health. We all have to eat. This is an easy way to raise your vibration every day.

Good Company

People are social creatures. We all need other people to share resources, create intimacy, stimulate our minds, and share in the joys and pains of life. When we are in good company, our body produces endorphins, those feel good hormones. This is energy! So get out there and spread some cheer. Not because you’re “supposed to.” That just creates stress and expectations. Do it in a way that makes your heart sing with people who are easy to be around. In other words, keep it real.


Dance is one of my favorite ways to raise vibration and keep it that way. Dancing combines movement, which your body needs, and music in a way that reaches you on a physical and emotional level. We all have four bodies – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Dancing hits two so it’s a double whammy.

Have you ever seen a child who just starts bopping when the music comes on? What happens next? The grown ups either start taking pictures, exclaiming how cute he is, or maybe someone laughs or tries to teach him how to do it better. Invariably it’s a response that conveys judgment. It says, “Dance for approval” or “Don’t dance.” So maybe the dance has gone out of you. Don’t let it!

Dancing is jubilant. It’s joyful. There are some cultures that say not dancing leads to dis-ease. So forget about rhythm, line, and what looks good. This is not about performance, seduction, or approval. It’s about letting your inner child play. Just put on some music and let your dance what’s in your heart. Let your chakras speak. Dance with your fingers. When you give parts of your body the space to speak, the stuckness leaves you. Sometimes it wants to say horrible things. Sometimes they speak sad things. Let them. This will make space for the joy to come in.


Singing has similar benefits. If you are more of an auditory person, sing! Sing the sad songs that help you get in touch with your grief, longing, and pain. Sing until you have no more juice to give it. Then switch to songs that reflect where you want to be, what you want to have, and who you want to be. Draw that energy into you. Acknowledge and appreciate it when you see it in others. You can’t have what you deny others.

Like I said, everything has a life span – even grief. If you let yourself experience whatever it is, it will move on. You will get tired of singing the same old song and a new one will come in. Don’t worry about pitch. This is not an audition or job. It’s just about getting in touch with what’s inside. So let that stagnant old vibration go and raise your vibration to a new level.


Life is reflected in the yin/yang symbol. It’s always half light and half dark. That’s the nature of our universe. This means that, no matter what, there is always something to be grateful for. You’re walking past a million things every day that you just don’t notice. I promise you.

Take the time to see them. At first maybe you’ll find that you’re grateful for not being sick today or not having anything bad happen. Then you might start seeing how lovely the sky looks. Then you begin to live in a world where there are bursts of beauty like that every hour, then every minute. The more you pay attention and give thanks, the more you will see that there is to be thankful for. When your heart is full of blessings, you get more of them.

Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness raises your vibration. Kindness can’t come from a closed heart. You have to have a sweet idea and then act on it. Something as small as holding open a door or buying someone a cup of coffee says to yourself, “Hey, I am a good person.” Your heart radiates with that brightness and shines into the world. The person who receives it may also radiate. So your vibration lifts and so does theirs. This can spread much further than just the two of you.

Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness is a meditation that sends love to people – some of whom you may feel don’t deserve it. When you collapse the walls between you and others, your heart opens. It allows you to feel loving and equal to those who have wronged you, disagree with you, and also to those whom you currently feel are above you. If you don’t feel you deserve kindness, affection or love from someone who is “above” you or can’t love you, you won’t get it. This removes that. It makes space for healing to happen or miracles to happen. Who knows what may walk through your door when there are no barriers! A millionaire. A sweet soul. Someone who simply adores you just as you are, maybe?


Humans are wired for touch. When we’re babies, we can die without it. That’s how vital it is! And that doesn’t stop when we grow up. Skin on skin touch is healing. It soothes. So, cuddle. Wrestle. Get a massage. Get a puppy or kitten. Touch yourself. It’s all good. Touched people are calm people. (Just don’t forget to mind your boundaries!)

Get Lost in a Great Story

We don’t often think of storytelling as a way to raise your vibration, but it is. With tv and all the other stimulation we receive, storytelling is becoming a lost art. We are fed a diet of action, sex, and violence rather than human interest or fantasy that provokes us to look within. A good story fires up the imagination and takes us to new places. A good story teaches. It unveils what’s inside and allows us to see new possibilities. If you need to raise your vibration, download an audio book. Then sit back in a warm bath or hot fire with your feet up and listen. Or better yet, find a live performance and watch it live (or semi- live, there are lots of stories on youtube).


Color has powerful energy. There are therapies that revolve around the use of color. If you look around you right now, what do the colors say about you and your mood? Are they safe colors that blend in with everything? Depressing colors with no life? Muted colors that tone energy down? Jewel tones that bring out the richness of life? How about brights that bring in sunshine? Or maybe they are the colors of of nature or the season?

If you don’t like the energy of the colors around you, change them. Experiment to see if you’re just doing what is comfortable. Habit inhibits growth. If you really think that you look great in grey, spice it up with accent colors. If you find it hard to sleep, maybe your room is too bright. You could even use the chakra system to determine what you think you need more of in your life.

  • Red is “I have.” It is for safety, security, and groundedness.
  • Orange is “I feel.” It’s for tolerance, sensuality, creativity, and optimism.
  • Yellow is “I can.” It’s for logic, humor, efficiency, self awareness, and self control.
  • Green is “I love.” It’s for openness, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance.
  • Blue is “I speak.” It’s about communication, integrity, honesty, commitment, and endurance.
  • Indigo is “I see.” This color is for imagination, insight, peace of mind, focus, and inspiration.
  • Violet is “I know.” This is for universal love, spirituality, selflessness, and divine wisdom.
  • Magenta is “I am.” This is for emotional balance and energetic support.
  • Aqua is for working through grief. It merges the heart and words to allow it to express in a loving way.


How do you express yourself? Words have vibrations too. High vibration words are things that make you feel good. Low vibration words are things that make you feel bad. When you have a lot of negative words flowing from your mouth, it brings your energy body down.

Now this isn’t a suggestion to ignore reality and only speak about positive things. It’s more about how you say what you’re saying. Curse words can always be eliminated. Those are always low energy words. “I am not feeling well” is not the same as “I am sick.” “I didn’t pass” is not the same as “I failed.” The first examples are more positive than the second because even though they convey the same information, the words describe what you want, not what you don’t want. You want to feel well. You want to pass. It might seem like splitting hairs, but they are hairs that add up to a big difference at the end of the day.

Most of these suggestions are absolutely free. Most of these require no additional time out of your schedule. If you want to raise your vibration, there is no reason why you can’t pick one or two of these suggestions and get started right now. Good luck!


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