trumpet vine

Enjoying the Beauty of the Trumpet Vine

Have you seen the profusion of trumpet vines (Campsis radicans)? These amazingly bright flowers drip beautifully from above bringing an abundance of hummingbirds with them. But other animals benefit from them too. White tailed deer eat them. Birds make their nests in the leaves. The American goldfinch eats the seeds. Ants, bees, and butterflies eat the nectar. So, while some find it invasive and undesirable, the wildlife certainly doesn’t. However, as beautiful as it is, you might be careful where you plant it. It can choke out trees. Aggressive pruning is required in the fall to keep it under control.

Medicinal Properties

The trumpet vine has more to offer than just its beauty. The root can be used as a diaphoretic, which means it induces sweating. This helps the body detoxify. The root is also used for wound healing and reducing inflammation. Be careful when handling as some people may develop a rash when touching this plant.

Magical Properties

Many animists want to use whatever plants that surround them in rituals so it’s good to know the magical properties of the trumpet vine. As always, you can use your senses (vision, taste, hearing, smelling, and touch), or just meditate on any plant, to figure out the properties of a plant. So let’s look at what we can observe. The plant blossoms from about May to October. They grow fast and spread out widely. They are heat, cold, and drought tolerant. Flowers are very showy. They are also hardy. Few insects or diseases attack them. Jupiter rules trumpet vines. Trumpet vines are of the Earth element. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra.

You can use this plant when you need resilience, strength, expansion, or to be seen. They can bring stability and longevity to you or a situation.

How to Use Trumpet Vines in Ritual

  • Adorn your altar with them.
  • Meditate on them to receive their wisdom.
  • If you are donning ritual clothing, you could make a crown of flowers to complete your ensemble.
  • Sit beneath their shade and listen to them speak.
  • Place them on your sacral chakra and let them balance and infuse you.

I don’t know any trumpet vine lore. She has cousins with lots of colorful tales, but I don’t think any of her own.

Of course, you don’t have to use flowers in ritual or medicine at all. You can simply enjoy their beauty and the beauty of the hummingbirds that they attract. However, doesn’t knowing about their energy help you to appreciate how they move through the web of life?

What a wonderful world we live in. I hope you are enjoying seeing spring unfold. I’d love to hear what’s happening where you are. Feel free to comment below.

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