Three Simple Full Moon Rituals

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Three Simple Full Moon Rituals

Full moons are a time of purging, releasing, death and change. Imagine a pregnant moon in the sky. It’s as big as it can be. There is nothing left for it to do but die and get smaller. That’s the gist of full moon energy. It is the peak and inevitable fall.

Since the sun is shining on the moon in all its glory, it’s also a time for illumination. It’s a great time to see what we don’t like to see or to see what has been hidden for us. So look around. Notice what is new or surprising.

Perhaps most importantly, full moons occur when the sun is opposite the moon. This could bring balance of yin and yang, but most often creates tension. The sun’s light shines on what is opposing you. Perhaps your needs vs. wants is creating trouble. Maybe it’s about your emotional needs vs. your material ones. This tension can erupt into stereotypical lunacy. So be careful!

Burn It!

For a simple full moon banishing ritual, think of what you want to be free from. If it’s combustible, set your intention to release it and burn it in a candle, fireproof bowl or cauldron, or fire pit. If it’s too big or can’t be burned in this way, create a symbol for it or write it down, then burn the paper. The important part is to know that it’s being released and don’t pick it back up again!

Moon Bathing

Moon bathing is going skyclad under the moon to align your body’s energy and help release any energy that is stuck. To begin this ritual, bathe or purify yourself with smoke. You may also want to clear your mind with a brief meditation. Set your intention. Then sit out under the night sky for twenty minutes or longer and allow the moon’s rays to do their magic. If you are a city dweller and don’t have the privacy to do this, you can do it discreetly by allowing the moon’s rays to come in through a window. When you feel finished, thank Sister Moon for her magic.

If it feels right for you, you can enhance the power by aligning your intention with the energy of moon. For example, if you are in an air sign, releasing communication or mental issues would be appropriate. You could also give this a boost by putting harmonizing crystals around you.

Dance It Out

Full moon rituals don’t have to be quiet affairs. They can be noisy and messy. For this one, you start by setting your intention. Dancing is a great way to release emotional energies so things like ridding yourself of resentment, sadness, or grief are great. Choose music that heightens these feelings. Give yourself about twenty minutes to move, wail, chant, and move. Let it all loose.

If you haven’t laughed or smiled in a while, you can also make that your intention. You’re not “banishing” it, but your intention could be to allow it out into the light of the night.

Sometimes words are not the right energy for what you need. Movement and sound are more powerful. If that feels right for you at this time, consider dancing. And don’t take “dancing” literally. Any movement to music will do. It’s not a contest or performance. It’s just you moving into your feelings and letting them out.

Full moons are great times to honor the cycles and step into the wheel of life. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to do that. Let us know how they work out for you!

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