Things That Happen When You Draw

First, you pick up a pencil. Seems obvious, but this is the step where most people falter. Just begin. You may have a scene in mind, or you may not, doesn’t really matter. You trace a line, maybe straight, maybe a squiggle, then another. Create a little form. How does your little form connect to your heart? You just created an energy being. Ask it what it is.

Now the high strangeness begins. Let the energy you just shaped guide you as you add a bit, then another bit. It loves you – you are its daddy (or its mom) – and it wants to dance for you. It wants your attention, your love; it wants to make you happy. Allow.

It may ask you for some color (it probably will, as color is a spirit magnet). Find a pen, or a colored pencil, or a marker, or a crayon, and indulge your little creation. Give it a chromatic gift; it will reward you.

Fight the temptation to dismiss your new thing as too amateurish, or ugly, or primitive. It is yours – you don’t have to show it to anyone else. It’s the collective, vibrating through your fingers. Fear not, for you are an artist! Let it be what it is, what it needs to be. Let yourself be what you need to be, expressed in 2D. 

Fill the page. Empty your mind. Release your inner Bob Ross, add a happy tree.  Mostly, just let it happen. See where the spirits lead. Ask your grandmother, who passed in 1967, what else to add. Maybe a circle, or a Buckyball, or your childhood dog. Don’t think, just do.

Now put your pencil down. Gaze at your creation intently, until it begins to move (it will). Follow it with your eyes as it meanders into your heart. Feel it. What does the collective want you to know? Breathe it in, then breathe it out. Hear its melody. You are the lord of creation.

Now put it away. Tomorrow, when the world slows down for a minute, pull it out. See if it calls your name. If it does, you have a friend for life. If it doesn’t, you have a reason to try again. So first, pick up a pencil…

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