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The Spiritual Purpose of the Corona Virus

Last night, to combat social isolation and give people peace of mind, Pan Society held a virtual intuitive practice session. Not surprisingly, all the questions revolved around the corona virus outbreak. While you might expect dire warnings of doom and gloom, the gathering was surprisingly heart-warming and inspiring. Here is what we learned about the spiritual purpose of the corona virus.

It’s Part of the Quickening

In many spiritual circles, we hear stories of a quickening, an acceleration of the vibratory rate of people and the planet. This quickening will help carry us to a new way of being that is more peaceful, spiritual, and whole. One of the messages that came through last night was that the corona virus is part of that.

Everything evolves, but that usually unfolds slowly. It takes a month for the moon to go from new to full and back again. It takes three months for spring to arrive, ripen, and give way to summer. Human babies take nine months to fully form. Life expectancy for Americans is 79 years. So, things take time – most of the time. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes create big changes very quickly. And they are natural phenomena, too.

When the contagion ends, life will not be the same. Innovations are happening already that change the way we live. We can’t go back. Our material world is changing, and so is our spiritual expression. The corona virus is speeding that up.

It’s a Return of the Feminine

For so long, society has embraced the masculine energy of assertiveness, achieving, checklists, goals, doing, directness, logic, and independence. Social distancing is forcing us to get acquainted with feminine energies. We are sitting still because we can’t go, go, go. We must be patient and passive because there are no options. Where some of us used activity to avoid connection, because of social distancing, many of us now yearn for connection.

Introspection was not only a luxury, it wasn’t something we particularly valued. Now we have loads of time for it, and it’s kind of sexy. So is creativity. Life is not about doing as much as you can as fast as you can, so now there is time for meandering and exploring. We’re digging the balance. We’re feeling more whole.

We’re Creating Communities Again

Before the corona virus, many of us didn’t know our neighbors. We’re now looking out for each other. Not just the people who live nearby, but vulnerable populations that we don’t even know!

Families who didn’t talk or were fighting before are now checking up on each other. We are reuniting and pulling together. We are talking about things that matter instead of avoiding each other. In Italy and New York, quarantined people are singing to each other on their balconies. In Germany and Spain, people applaud the health care workers.

We Are Falling in Love With Nature Again

People who might go into a green space or a beach once a year are now crowding the outdoors. The bowling alleys, movie theaters, and restaurants are closed for indoor seating, so we have to look to other places for entertainment. Where are you going to go where you can spread out?

And we’re hearing about the benefits of sunlight and exercise, so Nature is the perfect escape. And we’re loving it.¬†Perhaps this gratitude towards Nature will help us to recognize her value and protect her when this is all over.

We’re Moving Towards Vulnerability

The masks are coming off. They have to. We can’t put up a front and pretend to be the coolest, best, wisest, or prettiest anymore. Disease is forcing us to come face to face with death and our imperfections. Even heroes have frailties. No one is perfect. Maybe for one it’s about admitting that he’s scared. For another it could be asking for help. It could be facing one’s mistakes, selfishness, smallness, or lack of strength. The gloves are off. We’ve got to get real. And that’s a fabulous place from which to start anew.

We’re Embracing a Different Kind of Hero

Money used to be the way that we keep score. If I have the address, car, clothes, and title to show I am important and worthy, then I am!

Money only goes so far in the age of the corona virus. The currency now is things like kindness, charity, bravery, compassion, laughter, and wisdom. Those who have that are far more valuable than people who have position and authority. Cashiers, truck drivers, nurses, farmers, electricians, and factory workers are keeping the rest of us going.

Spirits in the Material World

While the spiritual message may be rosy, we are spirits living in the material world. We still have to deal with social distancing, loss of employment, scarcity of food and supplies, loneliness, fear, disease, and all the problems that come with it. Until we get to the other side, keep washing your hands and stay home. If you are an energy worker, send healing energy to the world. If you can assist the vulnerable and stay safe yourself, do that. Can you sew? Sew masks for medical professionals. Are you a computer programmer? You could donate your skills to help contain the spread. Whatever your talents and skills, we can all pitch in to help us all get through.

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