The Lotuses are Here!


The Lotuses are Here!

Have you seen the lotuses returning? They are here, popping their beautiful heads out of the mud.

Lotuses are considered sacred flowers in the East and Middle East. They symbolize Man’s spiritual path. They  grow in the mud, flower during the day, retreat at night, but are reborn with the sun looking fresh and clean again. Humans also must ascend through the muck to blossom into purity and beauty.

Lotus Symbols

For the ancient Egyptians, the lotus symbolized rebirth. It hides its head at night and is reborn with the sun each day. The lotus appears in every temple, pillar, and headdress of ancient Egypt.

The archangel Gabriel was often depicted surrounded by lotuses. For ancient Greeks and Romans, this symbolized grace and wisdom.

Buddhists see the lotus as a symbol of detachment. It floats serenely above the mud and waters of desires.

In Asia, the strong plant fibers represent the bonds of family that help to stabilize people throughout their lives.

Lotus Medicine

The lotus is as useful as it is beautiful. Unlike many plants that have a long history of medicinal use, the lotus has only been recently studied for medicine in the west. In China lotuses are used to stop diarrhea and regulate the menstrual cycle. It can manage blood sugar and cholesterol, relieve inflammation, clear up skin, regulate the heart beat, and soothe a cough. There is even ongoing research that looks at lotus seeds in the treatment of cancer.

Lotus may also have some psychological benefits. It can help you sleep better and relax the nerves and muscles. It may reduce restlessness, promote calm, and enhance cognition. Perhaps this is why Odysseus’ men were lulled into not wanting to leave the island of the lotus eaters!

Lotus Magic

It seems logical that water is the element associated with the lotus. Lotuses are associated with love, luck, peace, fertility, clarity, purification, meditation, healing, psychic opening, spiritual awakening, and protection.

To bring the energy of lotus into your life, you can purchase lotus petal tea, Bach flower essences, or use the flower petals in your bath. A lotus inspired piece of jewelry or artwork will also do. If you are lucky enough to live near wild ones like me, you can sit nearby and share space. If you are patient and ask nicely, I am sure they will share their wonder with you.

The outdoors is calling to meet you. The bold showy plants like the lotus are not the only things with magic and medicine. Let us know what you discover on your next foray outside.

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