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Ten Ways to Make the Most Out Of Your Moon Circle

The moon circle is a way to do a lot of personal and spiritual growth. Here are ten ways to make the most out of your moon circle experience.

Honor the Sacred Space

Creating sacred space is about separating this experience from the mundane. It is done energetically, but anyone within the circle can break that sacred space by coming in late, speaking from the head, or not being present. The sacred space helps you to reach into the spaces where we can’t see, hear the guidance from the Otherworld, and hear the messages meant for us that someone else is speaking. It helps to create the trusting climate needed to feel safe. Keep it sacred.

Start From a Centered Place

We can enter a space with frantic energy because of traffic, a tough day, or work stress. Arrive early enough to give yourself a moment to center before the circle starts. This allows you to leave that energy outside of the circle and tune in to whatever is at your core. This makes it a better experience for you and others. The check in sets the tone for the circle. If that is about griping, settling, or is spent in head space, you won’t get to the deepness, the silence, the things that the moon wants to bring out.

Be Present

When you share, share what is in your heart. If it’s a time to be silent, listen. Listen to others. Listen to your body. Listen to your inner knowing. You can’t know what’s meant for you if you aren’t present. If you are thinking about going to the grocery store after the circle, regroup and just be in circle. You can’t have this experience if you aren’t here.

Be Okay With Feeling Something

When you’re in circle, something someone says can move you. In meditation, feelings might come up. Tuning in might bring up old feelings or new ones. Whatever you are feeling, let yourself feel it. It’s there for you. It’s instructive. Maybe it’s trying to heal you. If you talk over it, shut it down, or don’t feel it, it can’t help you.

Be In the Cycle

Moon circles build on each other. The energy of one moon doesn’t go away once its cycle is done. It adds to the whole. It’s like making soup. You start with water. That’s moon #1. Then you add carrots. That’s moon #2. The energy of the carrots dominates, doesn’t it? But the water hasn’t gone away. It’s still there. It’s like your memories don’t go away once the event is finished. It adds to the foundation or soil of what comes next. Let the energy of each moon teach you. Build a foundation from what you learned. As above so below. When you ┬ásync up with it, you become one with Nature.

Do You

No matter what happens in circle, it’s all about you. If someone tweaks you, there is something in that for you. Don’t take it personally. Just take the lesson. If you feel like being quiet and still, do you. If you feel like crying or being vulnerable, do you. Let yourself be supported. Everyone here is a sovereign being. You are not here to take care of others, to teach, or to entertain, just be you and witness. Let your true face shine.

Be Intentional

The intention we set isn’t just for the time we are in circle. It’s for the whole cycle. If you pay attention to love, play, sovereignty, boundaries, or whatever the theme is for an entire month, think of how much you could grow! The moon is there to teach you, to get you to pay attention. When you check in, share where you were during the last cycle. Share how you grew. Think about how the energy moved through you. Listen to other people’s stories. In this way life becomes your teacher. Life is always trying to teach you. Be a good student.

Be Vulnerable

We all agree that what happens in circle stays in circle. We all want a safe place to be. If no one goes first, that won’t happen. Dare to be vulnerable. The more vulnerable the circle is, the more meaningful it is for everyone. But since the circle is all about you, do it for you. YOU will get more out of it if you stand in your heart space and share that space with others. What are you here for if not to be vulnerable and authentic?

Share Well

I’ve said over and over that the circle is all about you. That’s true. Your experience is all about you, but you get to that juicy experience through connection with everyone else. When we all have safety, openness, and connection, the circle is meaningful for all. To create this, you have to share well. Don’t dominate. Don’t over share. It’s okay to be silent, but maintain an open presence so that it doesn’t feel like you’re separate. (If you feel this way once or twice, honor that, but if it happens more often perhaps this is not the place for you).

Take the Experience With You

The moon circle doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s part of your life. Take it with you. It’s not meant for you to connect, feel, have an experience, then put it down and walk away until next time. If you appreciated the boundaries and connection of the circle, see if you can create that with someone outside the circle. When you notice yourself shine inside the circle, let it shine outside. Moon circle is about giving yourself space to be, but you can certainly do that outside the circle too.

Moon circle is a place of few rules, but everything needs boundaries. If you use these to contain your moon circle experience, I think you will get more out of each one. Enjoy!

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