Tapping Into the Deer Spirit

deer spirit

Tapping Into the Deer Spirit

It is like the deer know it’s fall. With the flip of a calendar, they are suddenly all over the place. Or perhaps the falling leaves just make them more visible. This makes autumn the perfect time to tap into the Deer spirit.

As I did my morning hike, I’d catch one sitting in a thicket, its big eyes staring up at me silently as I passed. Or the other morning as I drove out of the driveway, one stood so close that I could see the wetness on his nose.

At night, I see seven to ten of them browsing around the neighbor’s yard. In the mornings, it’s usually only one munching on something in my front field – silently, beautifully.

How can a deer tell when a leaf falls silent in the forest? She hears it breathing differently.

~Richard Bach

When I chose the hide for my sacred drum, I chose the deer for its fire and connection to the heart. When the drum beats, Deer spirit brings me out of my head and into my heart where love, compassion, and being flows. The rhythm helps me to feel more natural and easy. It’s a great energy to tap into when things aren’t flowing – like money or love.

Deer are playful, like children. They are innocent and joyful. They bound and leap day after day, never seeming to tire or get too old to frolic. So when deer comes into your awareness, this could be a sign to reawaken this energy in you.

And yet for all their playfulness, they are also gentle. They walk with silence. You can pass one without knowing it is there. They go lightly. For humans, this could be a reminder to ease up on criticism, hard boundaries or deadlines, or driving schedules. Maybe it’s a call to find serenity regardless of what the outer world is doing.

In my Lenormand deck, the deer is on the number 1 card, the messenger. In Native American folklore, the deer bring messages. Sometimes these can come from the Otherworld or from the gods. So, if you see a deer as an omen or in your dreams, it could mean you will be getting a message soon or that answers are forthcoming.

Deer antlers are often used in rituals or as power objects for all the properties that I mentioned above and more. The best way to get to know the Deer energy is to watch them. Get to know how deer breathe, eat, play, mate, move, and live. Read about the myths and stories. Many myths have themes of being turned into deer. This is to highlight the protective energy of deer.

So get curious. Don’t let someone spoon feed you their experiences of what Deer is to them. Experience it for yourself. Discover these stories. Let them stir your heart. Let Deer itself teach you its magic. Make that connection. You are everything. Everything is you. Go find that Deer spirit within yourself.

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