Spring Equinox Solo Ritual

spring equinox

Ready for spring? Want to welcome it with a spring equinox solo ritual, but don’t know how to do that yet? Here you go!

Prepare Your Altar

There are many ways to do this. This is not “the” way. I am just giving you some ideas to get you started. Feel free to deviate and make it your own.

You will need:

  • altar cloth in the colors of spring: pastels, yellow, white, green, pink, blue
  • candle(s) – also in the colors of spring
  • symbols of fertility such as bunnies, any god(dess) of fertility, eggs, seedlings or plants that are budding
  • symbols for balance such as scales, yin/yang symbol, sun and moon, something masculine and feminine, black and white
  • things from nature that catch your eye like spring flowers
  • crystals. If you are into crystals, you can add your favorites that resonate with the energy of the season such as peridot, sunstone, azurite, or celestite.
  • an offering of tobacco, corn, water, food, chocolate, flowers, a song, or something else that strikes you as appropriate

While in a mindful headspace and awareness of your intention to welcome spring, cleanse and consecrate your items. Lay your altar cloth on the table. Since the spring equinox is a time of balance, arrange the items in a way that feels balanced and “right.” No need to get too heady or perfectionistic about it. Just feel your way.

Cleanse Your Space

You can do this mentally by creating a bubble around you, defining the space with your finger, or walking the space with incense or a burning plant of some sort, like white sage, palo santo, or cedar. As you are creating your sacred space, you might wish to give gratitude to whomever or whatever you feel is present with you, has helped you in the past, or will see you through the future. You may wish to also let these energies know what you are offering in gratitude.


Sit comfortably. Ground yourself with a few deep, cleaning breaths. Set the intention of receiving what you need to know to move into this season with health, love, and abundance.

Open yourself to the energies of spring and allow yourself to receive any support, help, or inspiration that comes through. Inhale the scents. Feel the warmth of the sunshine or candle. Feel the support of Nature. Be fully present and relax.

Many people think that rituals are about manifesting something that they want. Be open to having something asked of you. This is the season of balance. Sometimes it’s not about getting but giving, and through giving we receive. Maybe you will be asked to give up something- like an attitude, belief, job, home, or person. Be open to hearing whatever comes through. The answers aren’t always what we think they should be.


When things feel “done,” thank the energies of spring that supported you through this ritual. Release them by unwinding the circle and touching the ground.

Now take a few minutes to journal any ideas or insights that you received. This is important because communication that comes from liminal space isn’t quite “here” yet and can disappear if you don’t bring it into the material world in a solid way. You may wish to transition back to the apparent world in an easy, gentle way with a cup of hot tea. Great choices for spring are white tea, chrysanthemum, mint, milk thistle, and chamomile.