New Moon in Aries Solo Ritual

new moon in aries

Does social distancing mean you will miss your regular moon circle? No worries. Here is a new moon in Aries solo ritual just for you! I suggest doing this in a dark space that is lit with a candle or candles within a day or two of the new moon. This will help you maximize the energy.

Before we begin, let’s visit with Aries and see what energy is coming in. This can help us to set our intention or prepare.

Aries Energy

The keywords for Aries are: fiery, impulsive, impatient, assertive, leadership, loud, beginnings, confident, courageous, fun, hot, fever, extroverted, passionate, explorer, selfish, tough, daring, direct, rude, expressive, foolhardy, and demanding.

Aries is a fire sign. It likes to be on the move and express its power. It’s good at starting, but maybe not so good at finishing.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression, action, and sex. Mars brings energy to to bring things to life. It dares, encourages, and inspires movement, freedom, action, and struggle.

Ground Your Body/ Clear Your Mind

Since Aries likes movement, let’s get grounded by shaking off the day. Start by shaking your head eight times. Then your shoulders. Then arms, hands, torso, hips, right leg, right foot, left leg, and left foot. As you shake each body part, have fun with it. Feel the tension or strain of the day release. Feel your awareness of your body grow each time you shake.

When you’ve finished, take a few deep breaths into your belly to help clear your mind. Let any thoughts, emotions, judgments or distractions fade away as you focus on your breath, your body, and the space around you.

Create Sacred Space

Visualize a white circle around you that penetrates the darkness around you. Let it outline your sacred space. Let the light purify and protect all inside for the duration of your ritual.

Call in the energy of the moon. If there is any other spirits or energies that you have a relationship with and trust to be in the circle with you that can enhance this ritual, feel free to call that in as well. Feel the fiery, hot, power of Aries surround you.


Instead of being willful and taking charge, this month we’re going to ask that the new moon in Aries tell you what the universe wants for you. We’re going to be adventurous and surrender.

Perhaps there is something you can do for others. Maybe this is a time for you to break out and do something wild for yourself. Aries wants to go, go, go! The new moon wants to bring new things to life. Ask, “How can I use this Aries energy for the highest good of myself and humanity?” Meditate and allow the information to come to you.


When you feel you have gotten a clear message from spirit, release the white light that contains your sacred space. Thank the energies that came to be with you. Enjoy some of your favorite herbal tea while you bask in the energy of the new moon. You may also wish to write down your messages in your journal so that you can remind yourself of the new Moon in Aries’ gift to you.

It’s Not About the Rituals

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

I get a lot of requests for rituals. That’s awesome. I am glad people are interested in this. I am happy to share rituals, but I’ve got to tell you something. Animism is not about the rituals.

Did you know that one third of all lottery winners declare bankruptcy? Do you know why? I think it’s for the same reason that spirituality is not about the rituals. Because you can’t change in inside by changing the outside, and any method that skyrockets you beyond a growth point is likely to end in disillusion. Why? Because we didn’t create the foundation to support it.

This is the same thing with manifestation. Some people are great at manifesting. They can manifest all sorts of things really quickly, but if you look closely, they don’t seem to manifest a way of sustaining their gains. Again it’s because there is no foundation.

Let’s take a look at this. If you can’t find a partner, ask yourself why. What is going on in your life that is creating conditions where love that is likely. Do you have walls so high and thick that no one can get in? Is your life too full with other things that there is no space for someone? Do you give your time to unavailable people? Do you give your time to people who aren’t healthy enough to love you back? There is always a reason why things are the way they are.

So to bring it back to spirituality, if you are looking for spiritual meaning through doing rituals, chanting, learning healing, or learning how to speak with the dead, you’re focusing on the what shows up on the outside. If there is nothing inside to support it, it’s eventually going to feel empty because it is. Going through the process of learning and connecting creates the change on the inside. It grounds your practice.

So here is my advice. Read pagan mythology. Learn about pagan symbols so that you can understand the stories and the natural world. Talk to your elders. Get to know your ancestry. Watch. Participate. Ask questions.

Learn about what each step of rituals mean. Create your own rituals so that they are meaningful to you. Be a student. Find a community. Get a mentor. In other words, grow some roots. Whatever you put on top of them will flourish if you give it a strong foundation.

That said, I will get cracking on those ritual requests! Thanks for asking. It’s our pleasure.

A Consecration Ritual

A Consecration Ritual

We consecrate our tools and ritual objects to dedicate them for spiritual and ritual work.

These are basic instructions to help guide you through your consecration ritual, but feel free to change it up and make it your own.

You Will Need:

  • item you want to consecrate
  • a bowl of water
  • a bowl of soil
  • a candle (white)
  • incense  (if desired)

Figure out where the cardinal directions are in your ritual space. Place the bowl of soil on the north side of your space, the candle on the south side, the bowl of water on the west. You’ll notice that we have nothing to place on the east side but that’s because you will use your breath. Place the item you are consecrating in the center of your ritual space. Step outside the space

Light the candle and the incense, if you are using it. Take a few moments to get into the right headspace, especially if this is your first ritual.

Feel free to cast a circle and call quarters if that is part of your path. If it’s not or you are still on your journey, feel free to go to the next step.

Travel to the center of your ritual space and pick up the object for consecration.

Take your item to the bowl of soil on the north side of the ritual space. Take some soil form the bowl and rub it over your object while picturing earth energies flowing into your item. Say, ” With this soil, find my (item name) deeply rooted in my practice. Let the energy of the earth nurture growth.” Feel free to add any words you like.

Take your item to the east. Picture wind energy surrounding your item. Say, “Let the winds blow cool breezes of creativity and ingenuity over this (item name).”  Blow over your item. Feel free to add or change the words.

Head to the candle in the south of your ritual space. Pass your item over the candle and imagine fire energy around and in your item. Say, “Let the purifying energies of fire spark great energy into my ( name item). ” Feel free to change or add to make the words your own.

Take your object to the west and the bowl of water. If the bowl is big enough dip your item in the bowl. If not, dip your hand and scoop some water out. Sprinkle the water over your item and picture the water cleansing your item. Say, ” Let the water cleanse and purifying my (name object).” Feel free to change and add words to make them your own.

Return the item to the center of your ritual space. It is consecrated. Open your circle if you cast one.

Responsible Group Ritual Leadership

group ritual

Ritual space is sacred space. Leading group ritual requires responsibility. The leader’s job is to make sure that everyone who participates knows what is going on, is healthy enough to participate, and is appropriate for the group. Additionally, the leader needs to know what each person may bring into the group setting so that he or she can assess whether or not she’s qualified to deal with the worst case scenario. So let’s look at these qualities to help you see if you are ready to lead group rituals and/or help you determine whether you want to be in a group under someone else’s leadership.


When people are new to ritual, they may not know the protocols about what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Are they supposed to enter and leave in a certain way? Are they allowed to come and go? Can they speak? When? Is it okay to leave an offering? How? What is an appropriate offering? What’s the dress code? Is there some preparation that needs to happen beforehand? There are many things that can make things run more smoothly. If there is a way to continue communication after the ritual, this can also make it more meaningful for participants who need to debrief.


What might come out during the ritual? Will someone have a break down? Might someone say or do something that could trigger others? Is it better to have people with the same issues in the same ceremony? Or should they be in a different one?

When people come together, their energy influences what the whole experience becomes. Sometimes it’s good to trust and let things unfold organically. Sometimes it’s really irresponsible to not pre-screen. It really just depends on how powerful the ritual is. The greater the potential for healing, the more pre-screening that is required. You don’t want to unleash chaos without the ability to contain it.

Containing the Space

One of the primary responsibilities of the group facilitator is the ability to hold space. Without this, magic can’t happen. Participants have to feel free enough to let their guard down. If some people are out of control or don’t feel safe, it can be too scary to be fully present. If the facilitator calls in an energy that he can’t contain, that’s also unsafe. When the space is well contained, everyone can relax, be present, and receive what they are meant to get.

Facilitator Health

Group ritual is powerful! When it’s done in service for others, it’s for others. This is NOT the time for the facilitator to focus on his own needs or healing. If the facilitator isn’t healthy enough to lead, he should be a participant. The strongest energy in the circle has to come from the leader. Our first responsibility is to ourselves and our own healing. Group ritual is not the place for the Wounded Healer to lead.

As more and more people embrace paganism, animism, and Earth based religions, group ritual is becoming more common. Lots of people want to lead. Those are great things! So that we grow in a healthy direction, we all have to police ourselves and make sure that we are choosing healthy opportunities for ourselves and others.

Your Summer Solstice Celebration

summer solstice

Summer solstice is upon us! What are you doing for your summer solstice celebration? No clue? Don’t want a public drunken, rowdy bonfire? Here is a suggestion that will keep is sacred and simple.

Plan Your Altar

Prepare by gathering what you want for your altar. Think about what this time means for you. Summer solstice is the longest day of the year and the peak of masculine energy. Do certain colors bring this idea out for you? What about things that represent the sun and the fiery element of summer, like candles? How much light is too much? What about solar symbols? What’s growing right now? Would you like to add any food elements, either for decoration or as an offering?

Do you want to bring in the idea of duality? Yin and yang; earth and sky; fire and ice; the god and goddess; oak and holly? What other things represent this time for you?

To Dress or Not to Dress?

How do you want to dress? Is this a formal, sacred celebration where you ritually bathe and don special clothing or is this a “come as you are” event? Either is fine. If you choose to wear ritual clothing, you just may want to decide that in advance so that you are prepared.

Flame or Blaze?

For this observance we are going to need fire. It can be a long lasting candle, many candles, a small camping fire, or a bonfire. Again, it’s your choice. You may need to plan ahead just to make sure you have what you need. Bigger isn’t better. It’s just a personal choice.

Solstice Eve

On the eve of the solstice, set up your altar. Purify your body. Don your apparel. Bring out some water and/or other libation. Create your sacred space – hopefully in a place outside where you can see the sunrise.

Now you are either going to take a nap and get up by 11:45 p.m. or not go to sleep. You want to start before midnight.

For this observation, sit up through the night, contemplate the energy of the sun, the seasons, the land, and Nature herself. Let your mind stay open and empty to whatever the elements want to say to you. As you do this, you can stare into the flames, sing, dance, or do whatever you feel called to do that doesn’t put you in your thinking mind. You want to stay in a place of open wonder and contemplation. This doesn’t have to mean that it’s solemn. It can be joyous, pure, and vulnerable. You just don’t want it to be about entertainment, a spectacle, or a performance.

Watch the northeast sky for a break in the horizon. As the sun lightens the night sky, give gratitude for the warmth, food, and life that it brings. If you can’t see the actual sun disc, just face in the direction that it would be if you could see it. Once it’s fully over the horizon, drink a toast to the sun. Speak your gratitude and make an offering of your libation on the ground.

Close your ceremony by saying something like, “This sacred ceremony of the summer solstice is now closed. Thank you, Sun. Hail and farewell.”

For more tips, check out our Summer Solstice Recipes and our article about Magical Summer Solstice Herbs.

Creating a Love Spell

love spell

I got a request for a love spell. Since it’s a violation of someone else’s sovereignty to bring a particular person to you, this ritual will help you to remove any blocks to love, then increase your attractiveness so that love can find you.

Be careful! You can only attract things that vibrate with your own frequency. This means that if you still need to learn something that is painful, you may attract a repeat of what you have already had. This doesn’t absolve you of any growth. You may have to say no to some opportunities before you get what you say you want. Practice discernment.

Making Space for What You Want

On a Friday or a full moon, cleanse your space. Light a candle. Get in a meditative, clear space. Think about all the things you believe are blocking you from having the love that you desire. Be honest. Don’t blame other people or outside influences. Think about what you bring to the picture.

Are you not nice? Do you fear commitment? Do you choose people who are unavailable or don’t share your values? Is work, working out, your friends or hobbies more important than a relationship? Do you put any effort into your appearance? Are you a homebody? Are you really critical or judgmental?

On a piece of paper, write down all the things that you are sincerely willing to give up in order to get what you want. When your list is complete, say aloud, “I now release these blocks from my life so that I may make space for love to enter.” Speak true. Feel the sincerity of the words, and then burn the paper in the flame. Allow yourself to feel the barriers burning away as the paper burns. As the last of the paper burns, say, “So be it.”

Follow through with ridding yourself of the things you do to create obstacles to love. Show your commitment through action. Nothing comes from wishing. You have to act.

Asking For What You Want

Once you’re finished with the first list, write down the qualities and characteristics of the person you wish to attract. Go for broke. You won’t get 100% of what you want, but you can certainly have most of it. I’ve seen this happen too many times to doubt it. Make it bullets or four pages. It’s up to you.

Clarity is more important than details. You may want to include your must haves as well as your must not haves. It’s wise to know your limits. It’s also a good idea to use positive language.

Here are some things you might want to include just to get your started.

  • likes dogs
  • wants children
  • is self sufficient
  • has a good relationship with family
  • non-smoker
  • makes me laugh
  • is emotionally stable
  • is addiction free
  • shares my spiritual values

Get a pink pull out candle, also called a 7 day candle. This is a fat candle that is in a tall glass jar that can be removed from the jar. Cleanse the jar and candle with the smoke of incense or sage.

Carve a sigil or symbol that marks this candle as yours. Carve in other symbols that represent what you want. For example, hearts are symbols for love. If you are invoking and spirit helpers or deities, you can make symbols for them as well.

Into the bottom of the jar place honey, coins, and flower petals. These are offerings to the deities you are asking for help.

Smear the candle with a thin coat of honey or oil. Rub glitter or spices, such as cinnamon, into the honey or oil. The glitter makes it easier for the spirits to see the candle. The cinnamon will attract them by the smell.

Place the candle on your altar with your wish list beneath it. On the next new moon, light it and say something like, “I am willing to receive this love now” or something in your own words that declares your intention. Visualize it coming to you. Feel in your heart that it is on the way. Leave the candle burning until it burns out.  It will take five to seven days.

Now, here is the most important step! Act as if the love spell is already working. See evidence around you that something has changed. Notice how much happier you are. Smile! Show the world. Beam with expectation that your luck has changed. Be nice. Notice all the ways that the universe is responding to your desire. When the guy(s) or girl(s) shows up, say yes. Too often people say they want something and then dismiss it when it shows up. If you’re not serious, it will go away.

Another Option

Manifesting is a great way to be proactive and help yourself. There is another option. You can trust that everything is just perfect the way that it is and allow life to unfold at its own pace. There is no right or wrong way to live. Your experience will help you decide what works best for you.

New Moon in Gemini Solo Ritual

new moon ritual

Don’t have a moon circle near you? No worries! Here is a new moon ritual for the new moon in Gemini that you can do alone. While day and time of the actual new moon is the optimal time for this, you can do it a day ahead to about to two days after to take advantage of this energy. The more important your intention is, the more exact you want to be about the time.

Set Your Intention

It’s a good idea to sync your intention with the energy around you. This way, the strong energy in the heavens is working with you. You can focus on one energy or mix and match. So what’s going on right now? If your ritual happens on the dark moon (when no light is visible in the sky), this is a liminal time that’s good for reaching out to the ancestors, resting, and banishing. If your ritual happens on the new moon (when the moon first reappears), it’s a good time for bringing new things into the world.

Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, this is a time to focus on communication. Gemini is an Air sign so things that have to do with intellect, creativity, writing, logic, independence, innovation, or detachment would also be appropriate for your new moon ritual. This particular new moon also has the qualities of spontaneity and change. Is there anything here that you’d like to banish (on the dark moon) or bring into the world (on the new moon)? Let that be your intention.

Here are some examples:

  • I confidently communicate with strangers.
  • Job change comes quickly and easily.
  • I am a published author.
  • My boundary issues are resolved.
  • I see answers to my problem around ______.
  • Fun dating prospects that match my wish list land on my door step.

Create Your Altar

Set up your altar in a way that reflects your intentions and the moon. Let this be as simple or elaborate as you like. Be sure to leave an offering for the spirits you intend to call into your circle. This can be anything that seems appropriate, for example: coins, chocolate, a flower that is blooming now, alcohol, tobacco, seashells, or cherries (because they are ripe now).

Purify and Center

Cleanse your ritual space with a prayer, water, fire (candles), or smoke (incense, sage, or palo santo). If you would like to call to the quarters, call in your ancestors, or the elements, do that now. Sit in meditation to center yourself for about ten minutes. You can do this silently, with music, or by chanting a mantra – whatever works best for you. Take your time. It’s better to wait until you are in the right heart space before moving on than to rush.

Write or Doodle

Since Gemini is about communication, write about what it will be like when you have what you want. Let it come from your stream of consciousness . Don’t think too hard on it. This can be bullet points or paragraphs. No one else will see this so don’t worry about punctuation or spelling. Nothing is too big or too small. Dream wildly. No editing about whether or not you think you deserve it or can have it. Just write.

If you’re not  writer, doodle. We’re not looking for art to hang in a gallery, just images or symbols that represent your heart’s desires. Stick figures or abstract images are fine.

As you write or doodle, let your body fill with the knowing that this is yours. Let your ancestors, gods, or whatever energies you called into your circle support you and bring this to you. Feel it. Know it.

Claim It!

When you feel that your writing is done, energetically cement it by speaking it aloud. Say something like, “I accept ______. It’s mine for the asking. So be it!” Let yourself feel the truth of what you speak. Speak with conviction. If you don’t believe it, the universe won’t take you seriously.

Close Your Circle

Give thanks to the energies that you called in. Release them and close your circle. Put your altar tools away. Ritually dispose of any offerings.

Am I a Shaman?

am i a shaman

Have you read or heard something and now you are asking yourself, “Am I a shaman?” You are the final authority on your reality. No one can answer that question for you, however, let me provide you with some things to think about that might help to make this clearer.

What Is a Shaman?

“Shaman” is a Tungus (Russian) word that describes their name for a person who walks in the spirit world for the purposes of helping the living and dead. It really doesn’t have any meaning outside that context because culture matters. What the person does in that role, and how she does it, varies from culture to culture, so using the word “shaman” generically isn’t all that useful or accurate. 

Some indigenous or animist cultures have healers that don’t work in the spirit world, yet they are still called shaman by outsiders. So perhaps it is more useful to call each culture’s healers by the name that they use. For cultures that no longer have this tradition, I usually use the name spirit walker.

How are Spirit Walkers Chosen?

The answer to this question varies from culture to culture. Generally speaking, spirit walkers are chosen when the person is young. In some cultures, women can be chosen after child rearing is over and menopause sets in. 

The initiation often follows a severe illness, near death experience, or some life changing event. During this process, the old person dies so that the spirit walker can be born. After this process, the old personality’s life is over. He or she may not care about the things they used to care about, may not like the things they used to, and has a radically altered personality and lifestyle. After a transition period, he is generally much wiser.

Spirit chooses spirit walkers. One cannot decide to become one. It’s a demanding and often painful life. These people tend to be isolated and strange. The work they do demands a lot from them. Although they are respected and are a part of the community, they often live on the fringes because they have one foot in the spirit world. As such they don’t have the same cares as other people. They don’t tend to be materialistic, egotistical, or business minded. In no culture that I know of does the spirit walker do this as a business. It’s a calling, a service.

Some cultures say that a person can refuse the call. Some say that to refuse is to die. In some cultures, if the gift is abused, the spirit walker spirit leaves the healer. 

How Are People Trained for This Role?

Shamanism is an animist practice. It’s the belief in animism that gives power to the healer. The animist training for this role comes from culture. From birth spirit walkers are taught how to have relationships with Nature, people, plants, animals, and the ancestors just by watching how those around them live. Spirit walking is the ability to function in the nonmaterial world. Without this foundation, none of the work, love, or understanding required to do this work can exist. Everything is relational to animists. 

The skills required to do this work come from the spirit walker spirit that now inhabits the human body. The person is not the healer. The person is the hollow reed through which the spirit walker works. As such, there is no “training” that happens. Some describe it as being downloaded with the information from all spirit walker incarnations that ever served the community. It’s like the spirit walker spirit never dies, but continues to learn and grow, finding different bodies to inhabit to do this service.

These are generalizations. They do not apply to all people in all cultures at all times. There are always exceptions. When the spirit comes to westerners, they need guidance to understand what is happening to them. They may need guidance to learn the basics of how to connect with their spirit guides. 

Words of Warning

There are many people teaching shamanic skills now. Learning shamanic skills does not make one a spirit walker. One can have very effective healing skills without being a spirit walker. There are many forms of energy healing and faith healing that work very well. Spirit makes one a spirit walker.

In most indigenous cultures, this is not something that one desires or pursues. It is a burden, a responsibility, a sacrifice. If you feel called to this path, I urge you to consider what it means. Ask yourself if you have the necessary relationship with your ancestors and all of creation to do this well. Are you firmly plugged into the matrix of life to serve the whole web well? The primary role of the Healer archetype is to heal oneself. Are you balanced enough in ego and health to serve? 

Lots of people are on the shamanism bandwagon. Many people say that pathologies are spiritual. They say crises are calls to initiation. For example, I hear that highly sensitive people are very spiritual. Psychics and past life readers are telling their clients that they are shaman or were shaman in a past life. All symptoms are signs of dis-ease, however some really are mental or physical issues and should be treated as such.

So be careful. Consider the source and motivation of anyone who is saying they are a shaman or is suggesting that you are. If spirit choses you, you will know it. You will hear it from the spirit themselves. If you have to ask, “Am I a shaman?” the answer is probably no.

Three Simple Full Moon Rituals

full moon

Full moons are a time of purging, releasing, death and change. Imagine a pregnant moon in the sky. It’s as big as it can be. There is nothing left for it to do but die and get smaller. That’s the gist of full moon energy. It is the peak and inevitable fall.

Since the sun is shining on the moon in all its glory, it’s also a time for illumination. It’s a great time to see what we don’t like to see or to see what has been hidden for us. So look around. Notice what is new or surprising.

Perhaps most importantly, full moons occur when the sun is opposite the moon. This could bring balance of yin and yang, but most often creates tension. The sun’s light shines on what is opposing you. Perhaps your needs vs. wants is creating trouble. Maybe it’s about your emotional needs vs. your material ones. This tension can erupt into stereotypical lunacy. So be careful!

Burn It!

For a simple full moon banishing ritual, think of what you want to be free from. If it’s combustible, set your intention to release it and burn it in a candle, fireproof bowl or cauldron, or fire pit. If it’s too big or can’t be burned in this way, create a symbol for it or write it down, then burn the paper. The important part is to know that it’s being released and don’t pick it back up again!

Moon Bathing

Moon bathing is going skyclad under the moon to align your body’s energy and help release any energy that is stuck. To begin this ritual, bathe or purify yourself with smoke. You may also want to clear your mind with a brief meditation. Set your intention. Then sit out under the night sky for twenty minutes or longer and allow the moon’s rays to do their magic. If you are a city dweller and don’t have the privacy to do this, you can do it discreetly by allowing the moon’s rays to come in through a window. When you feel finished, thank Sister Moon for her magic.

If it feels right for you, you can enhance the power by aligning your intention with the energy of moon. For example, if you are in an air sign, releasing communication or mental issues would be appropriate. You could also give this a boost by putting harmonizing crystals around you.

Dance It Out

Full moon rituals don’t have to be quiet affairs. They can be noisy and messy. For this one, you start by setting your intention. Dancing is a great way to release emotional energies so things like ridding yourself of resentment, sadness, or grief are great. Choose music that heightens these feelings. Give yourself about twenty minutes to move, wail, chant, and move. Let it all loose.

If you haven’t laughed or smiled in a while, you can also make that your intention. You’re not “banishing” it, but your intention could be to allow it out into the light of the night.

Sometimes words are not the right energy for what you need. Movement and sound are more powerful. If that feels right for you at this time, consider dancing. And don’t take “dancing” literally. Any movement to music will do. It’s not a contest or performance. It’s just you moving into your feelings and letting them out.

Full moons are great times to honor the cycles and step into the wheel of life. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to do that. Let us know how they work out for you!

Solo Ritual to Reconnect with the Earth Element

earth element ritual

There are times when our root is not strong. Or perhaps our birth chart or constitution never had a strong connection to the Earth element. Sometimes we just want to connect to the Earth element when the season changes to winter. Earth is also the element of business, sensuality, sexuality, fertility, money, and physical health. We can call on her when we have questions or need support in those areas. Here is a solo ritual you can use for that purpose.

Set Your Intention

Before you begin, get clear on your intention for this practice. Do you want to be more stable, follow through, experience the love of the Great Mother, be nurtured, feel whole? The more clear you are, the better your results. Perhaps you don’t really know what you need. If that is the case, let your journey to the Earth guide you.

Assemble Your Tools

Read through the ritual and decide what “tools” you want to use. Make a list beforehand so that you have everything handy before you start. This is especially important so that you don’t tear a hole in your sacred space to go retrieve something once you’ve started. Your tools will be things like soil, wine, seeds, water, and anything else used for the ritual.

Create Your Altar

The altar is the focal point of your ritual. They are often crafted for just one ritual. Sometimes they are left up longer, for example an altar dedicated to the Spring Equinox may be left up for days. An altar dedicated to a season may be left up for the entire season. Some people have four altars for the four cardinal directions that are always up.

Here is a simple altar idea for this ritual. Drape a small table with a green (for plants that grow on the earth), brown (for the color of earth), or red cloth (root chakra). Artfully arrange items on it that symbolize Earth, such as flowers, twigs, pine cones, pine needles, bark, soil, salt, resin, and spices. You may wish to also use incense. The smoke will help to raise any heavy energy generated into the air. Candles can help to illuminate what is unseen. Darkness and silence are the realm of Earth, so if that feels more right, you can keep it dark. If you like scent, some essential oils that have Earth resonance are patchouli, vertiver, and oak moss.


We always want to enter into ritual in a state of purification. We don’t want to bring distractions, negativity, or baggage into sacred space with us. First clean the space you intend to use for this ritual. Then purify yourself with smoke, water (bathing or spritzing), or a calming meditation. You may also wish to purify your tools with smoke or flame. Once the purification is done, you can don ritual clothing, remove all clothing, or wear what you had on before. Some people like to use special clothes to separate the mundane world from the sacred. Some like to do rituals nude to symbolize the pure state. Since all ritual and magic is personal, do what feels right and authentic to you.

Create Your Sacred Space

You can do this in one of two ways. In your mind’s eye, imagine that you are creating a safe bubble of energy in the area that you intend to work. Use your finger to create a circle inside of which you will work. Alternatively, you can walk the perimeter of the space three times knowing that as you walk, you create a border between the mundane and sacred worlds. You are creating a container for your work, so once you are inside the bubble, stay inside.


Call in the element of Earth saying something like, “I call to the element of Earth, our Mother, my home. I welcome you to this space and ask that you be with me.” Your call should be heartfelt and a pure expression of your wish. You may also wish to call in your helping spirits/guardian angels, helping ancestors, spirits of the place, gods and goddesses, or the other elements to support you. This strengthens the boundary, provides you with a witness to your work, and lends energy to your ritual. If you do this step, don’t move on until you feel that they have responded and are with you.  If you are new to ritual, you may wish to wait to call in energies until you have developed a relationship with these energies.

Welcome Your Guests

You are the host of a party. Welcome your guests. Do you want to offer a song? A dance? A prayer? As a show of reciprocity and gratitude for the support to the energies you have called in, make an offering. This can be water, wine, food, flowers, or whatever feels good and right for you. For Earth, put soil or sand in a large bowl. Place your hands in the bowl and feel the soil. Smell it. Let your hands be surrounded by it, feeling the fertile, life supporting nature of it. Feel the solid nature of it, just like your body. Let yourself be one with it. Give yourself time to notice what you can about this element.

Speak to the Earth

Now that you have acquainted yourself with Earth, speak to her. Tell her what inspired you to call on her. Ask her your questions. Ask for help if that is why you called on her. Listen to her wisdom. Experience what she has to teach. If you are in pain, release your pain into her huge, filtering body. Like the roots of a tree, she can support all that you have to release and transmute it into harmless energy. Let the process connect you firmly into her body, into your body. If you need to cry into her or even wail into her, give yourself that freedom.

Manifest the Magic Into the Material Realm

With your intention complete, we now want to bring the results into the material world. Place soil into a small pot. Plant a seed and water it. As you do this, know that this seed is the seed of the new reality that you wish to create. As you nurture it and watch it grow, know that the Earth is also nourishing you and growing within you. Although all plants belong to the Earth element, some of the stronger Earth element ones are herbs. I recommend planting an herb like oregano, chives, cilantro, basil or something that you would eat and can nourish you.

Close the Sacred Space

Once you are finished with bringing your intention into the physical world, thank and release whomever/whatever you called in just as you would thank guests who have come to your party. Now we are going to undo the separation between the mundane and spirit world. If you used your finger to draw a circle around it, reverse the circle with your finger. If you walked a circle, reverse that. Whatever you did, reverse it. Then touch the earth or floor to ground down any excess energy. Say something like, “This ritual is now closed in the real and apparent worlds” or “My rite is now ended.”

Do not skip this step! You opened a doorway into the Otherworld. It must be closed. Lots of people are drawn to paganism and magic who practice ritual without discipline. The veil between worlds exists for a reason. It’s for our protection. Only open it intentionally. Only open it while in sacred space, and always make sure you close it behind you.

The time within ritual is distorted. You may forget what you learned, so it’s a good idea to have a ritual journal where you write down the insights you received. Focus on the meaning of the content versus the content itself. Continue to add more insights as it is gained so that you grow from the experience.

One last tip. It helps to have a set way that you open and close sacred space. Repetition will give it more power and meaning. For that reason, you may wish to memorize the words you wish to say or write them down. Use the same words and format each time until you get a Pavlovian response of beginning and noticing the feeling immediately of being in ritual time and space. Good luck!