New Moon in Aries Solo Ritual

new moon in aries

Does social distancing mean you will miss your regular moon circle? No worries. Here is a new moon in Aries solo ritual just for you! I suggest doing this in a dark space that is lit with a candle or candles within a day or two of the new moon. This will help you maximize the energy.

Before we begin, let’s visit with Aries and see what energy is coming in. This can help us to set our intention or prepare.

Aries Energy

The keywords for Aries are: fiery, impulsive, impatient, assertive, leadership, loud, beginnings, confident, courageous, fun, hot, fever, extroverted, passionate, explorer, selfish, tough, daring, direct, rude, expressive, foolhardy, and demanding.

Aries is a fire sign. It likes to be on the move and express its power. It’s good at starting, but maybe not so good at finishing.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression, action, and sex. Mars brings energy to to bring things to life. It dares, encourages, and inspires movement, freedom, action, and struggle.

Ground Your Body/ Clear Your Mind

Since Aries likes movement, let’s get grounded by shaking off the day. Start by shaking your head eight times. Then your shoulders. Then arms, hands, torso, hips, right leg, right foot, left leg, and left foot. As you shake each body part, have fun with it. Feel the tension or strain of the day release. Feel your awareness of your body grow each time you shake.

When you’ve finished, take a few deep breaths into your belly to help clear your mind. Let any thoughts, emotions, judgments or distractions fade away as you focus on your breath, your body, and the space around you.

Create Sacred Space

Visualize a white circle around you that penetrates the darkness around you. Let it outline your sacred space. Let the light purify and protect all inside for the duration of your ritual.

Call in the energy of the moon. If there is any other spirits or energies that you have a relationship with and trust to be in the circle with you that can enhance this ritual, feel free to call that in as well. Feel the fiery, hot, power of Aries surround you.


Instead of being willful and taking charge, this month we’re going to ask that the new moon in Aries tell you what the universe wants for you. We’re going to be adventurous and surrender.

Perhaps there is something you can do for others. Maybe this is a time for you to break out and do something wild for yourself. Aries wants to go, go, go! The new moon wants to bring new things to life. Ask, “How can I use this Aries energy for the highest good of myself and humanity?” Meditate and allow the information to come to you.


When you feel you have gotten a clear message from spirit, release the white light that contains your sacred space. Thank the energies that came to be with you. Enjoy some of your favorite herbal tea while you bask in the energy of the new moon. You may also wish to write down your messages in your journal so that you can remind yourself of the new Moon in Aries’ gift to you.

Solo Ritual for the New Moon in Virgo

new moon in virgo

It’s the new moon in Virgo! It’s the perfect time to reboot. Ready? Here are some keywords for the energies that are in play now that can help you set your intention and go with the flow.


New moon – new beginnings, plant new seeds, refocus, renew, regroup

Virgo – perfectionism, service, analysis, communication, cool, critical, humility, standoffish, restless, modest, unassuming, sensible, practical, productive, conscientious, orderly, neat


Prepare for this new moon in Virgo ritual by gathering a journal or paper, a pen, hot tea, and meditative music. You will also need other items, but they will vary based upon your personal choices.

Set Your Intention

In what area above do you need a new start? This can be your intention for this new moon. Here are some examples:

  • I am impeccable with my words.
  • I am of service to those in need.
  • I am engaging in social situations.
  • My feet are firmly planted on the ground as I reach for the stars.
  • Everything I need is available to me.
  • I always work for my highest good.
  • I am good enough.

Create Your Altar

What items will make your intentions visible in the material world? What objects will help you to connect with this energy? What will you offer in gratitude for the help that you receive? Use these items for your new moon in Virgo altar. Here are some suggestions to inspire you.

  • sapphires or something in that color, like your altar cloth
  • crystals like green jade, celestite, fluorite, red jasper, moonstone, or citrine
  • fresh fall flowers
  • photos of your friends
  • a bowl of earth
  • candles

Purify and Open Your Space

Now that you have an intention and an altar, let’s open sacred space. You can cleanse this area with water, fire (candles), or air (incense, or burning aromatic plants). Don’t forget to also purify yourself, your altar items, and anything that you bring into your ritual space. Call to the directions, elements, ancestors, helping spirits, the Moon, or whomever or whatever you choose to have support you during this process.


Turn on your meditative music. Mentally say your affirmation three times, then sit and breathe in the energy of the new moon. Feel the feminine energies of Virgo, the Earth (Virgo’s element), and the Moon occupying the circle with you. Allow them to speak to you. Remember that this is the dark of the moon. It’s about emptying and resting. If you don’t seem to get anything in particular, that’s okay. You’re doing it perfectly. Just empty and be open to receiving when you’re ready.

When you feel “done,” come back to the present awareness. Relax. Leisurely drink your tea. If your affirmation still feels the same, write that down on a small piece of paper. If it has changed, write that down instead. Put it somewhere that you will see it during this current lunar phase.

Each time you look at it, feel that energy getting stronger within you. Look for ways that it is already true. Trust that everything is just as it should be. Know that your wishes were heard and that the support that you called in is here. Burn the paper on the eve before the next new moon.

If you received any other insights during your meditation, write those down in your journal.

Close Your Ritual

When you are finished, thank the energies that came to support you during this process. Close the circle.

New Moon in Gemini Solo Ritual

new moon ritual

Don’t have a moon circle near you? No worries! Here is a new moon ritual for the new moon in Gemini that you can do alone. While day and time of the actual new moon is the optimal time for this, you can do it a day ahead to about to two days after to take advantage of this energy. The more important your intention is, the more exact you want to be about the time.

Set Your Intention

It’s a good idea to sync your intention with the energy around you. This way, the strong energy in the heavens is working with you. You can focus on one energy or mix and match. So what’s going on right now? If your ritual happens on the dark moon (when no light is visible in the sky), this is a liminal time that’s good for reaching out to the ancestors, resting, and banishing. If your ritual happens on the new moon (when the moon first reappears), it’s a good time for bringing new things into the world.

Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, this is a time to focus on communication. Gemini is an Air sign so things that have to do with intellect, creativity, writing, logic, independence, innovation, or detachment would also be appropriate for your new moon ritual. This particular new moon also has the qualities of spontaneity and change. Is there anything here that you’d like to banish (on the dark moon) or bring into the world (on the new moon)? Let that be your intention.

Here are some examples:

  • I confidently communicate with strangers.
  • Job change comes quickly and easily.
  • I am a published author.
  • My boundary issues are resolved.
  • I see answers to my problem around ______.
  • Fun dating prospects that match my wish list land on my door step.

Create Your Altar

Set up your altar in a way that reflects your intentions and the moon. Let this be as simple or elaborate as you like. Be sure to leave an offering for the spirits you intend to call into your circle. This can be anything that seems appropriate, for example: coins, chocolate, a flower that is blooming now, alcohol, tobacco, seashells, or cherries (because they are ripe now).

Purify and Center

Cleanse your ritual space with a prayer, water, fire (candles), or smoke (incense, sage, or palo santo). If you would like to call to the quarters, call in your ancestors, or the elements, do that now. Sit in meditation to center yourself for about ten minutes. You can do this silently, with music, or by chanting a mantra – whatever works best for you. Take your time. It’s better to wait until you are in the right heart space before moving on than to rush.

Write or Doodle

Since Gemini is about communication, write about what it will be like when you have what you want. Let it come from your stream of consciousness . Don’t think too hard on it. This can be bullet points or paragraphs. No one else will see this so don’t worry about punctuation or spelling. Nothing is too big or too small. Dream wildly. No editing about whether or not you think you deserve it or can have it. Just write.

If you’re not  writer, doodle. We’re not looking for art to hang in a gallery, just images or symbols that represent your heart’s desires. Stick figures or abstract images are fine.

As you write or doodle, let your body fill with the knowing that this is yours. Let your ancestors, gods, or whatever energies you called into your circle support you and bring this to you. Feel it. Know it.

Claim It!

When you feel that your writing is done, energetically cement it by speaking it aloud. Say something like, “I accept ______. It’s mine for the asking. So be it!” Let yourself feel the truth of what you speak. Speak with conviction. If you don’t believe it, the universe won’t take you seriously.

Close Your Circle

Give thanks to the energies that you called in. Release them and close your circle. Put your altar tools away. Ritually dispose of any offerings.

How Moon Energy Impacts Us

How Moon Energy Impacts Us

All this talk about new and full moon energy can be confusing. Let’s see if we can make some sense of the astrological impact that the moon has on our energy, shall we?

New Moon Energy

There are 13 moon cycles each year. The new moon is when the sun and moon are in perfect alignment. The sun shines on the side facing away from the earth, so there is no reflection visible from earth. It appears dark in the sky. At this magical time, for a period of only one day, the Sun and Moon occupy the same Zodiac sign. This is actually a pretty cool phenomenon because the Sun represents your wants. The Moon represents your needs, and on this day, they are in alignment.

Also during this period, we feel more introspective. It’s good to allow ourselves to tap into that because the Moon is ready to support you in starting new things. So all those new ideas can take flight. If you don’t pay attention, you could miss a golden opportunity. The astrological sign that the new Moon is occupying is more active at this time too. If you’re trying to manifest something in particular, it’s good to pay attention to this. The New moon is a time of high negative ion flow. This puts us in a good mood.

Full Moon Energy

Full moons happen when the opposite alignment of the Sun and Moon occur. The Sun is not behind the Moon, but facing it. This makes the Moon fully illuminated. It also means that the Sun and Moon are in opposition, or your wants and needs are not working together. Since the full moon energy can amp you up or lead to a flood of emotions. The moon is also increasing positive ions which enhance this effect. If you feel tired, wired, stressed, or challenged, this could be why. Your conscious and unconscious desires could be in conflict. Guess who will win?

There is always a silver lining to everything though. This is the perfect time to finish things up or let them go. When you make a conscious choice to do this, it frees up energy so that you don’t get bogged down with too many projects, relationships, or obligations. If you set intentions at the new moon, this could be when you start to see the fruit of your labors show up too.

Eclipse Energy

Eclipses are super powerful times when the moon energy is magnified. Full moon (lunar) eclipse energy can be felt up to 2 months before and 6 months afterwards. New moon eclipses (solar) can block us from seeing the big picture, miss opportunities, and consider things that are outside our comfort zone. At this time, expect major shifts in jobs, relationships, perspectives, or finances. Because the energy is so big and unstable, it’s best not to act or react to changes right now.

This doesn’t make eclipses “bad.” There is an element of Fate in play. The thing that you have been avoiding or hoping for could show up at this time. This tends to be a time for a shake up. If you have been snoozing at the wheel, it may prod you to start paying attention. If you have been going in the wrong direction, you will know that now too. You may be tempted to grab the steering wheel, but your best bet is to just hang on for the ride. You’re not driving the bus right now. Any attempt to control will just tire you out and frustrate you. But don’t worry. It’s a self correction. You won’t go off the cliff.

The other thing to keep in mind is that everyone has a different natal chart. The position of the Moon in your chart may mean that an eclipse has a mild impact on you while other people seem to be going crazy. This is normal. If you want to predict the type of effect an eclipse might have on you, look at the House where they fall on your natal chart. If it falls on a planet, that planet will be activated.

Solar and lunar eclipses occur in pairs. The solar eclipses (full moon) tend to expand your outside world. Lunar eclipses (new moon) have more of an effect on your internal environment. Expect headaches, fatigue, anxiety, vivid dreams, feelings of relief, and sensitivity to electronics. Practice good self care during this time.

Super Moon Energy

The Moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical pattern. Sometimes it’s closer to the Earth than other times. When this happens and the Earth, Moon, and Sun are in alignment, the Moon appears larger in the sky giving us a Super Moon. The energetic force is 18% stronger at this time. This results in a stronger full moon effect, but not as strong as an eclipse.

The Moon in the Signs

Everyone has a natal Moon. This is the astrological sign of the Moon at the time of your birth. This energy stays with you your entire life and impacts your emotional needs – particularly when you are stressed.

Then there are lunations. Lunations are the period of time from one new moon to the next. When the Moon enters into a sign, the energy of the moon stays in that sign for the whole lunar cycle or month. This can get confusing because the Moon spends about two and a half days in each sign, going through the whole Zodiac in a month.

If the new moon is a feminine sign, the next full moon will be a masculine sign. If the current new moon is a feminine sign, the next new moon will be a masculine sign. To visualize this, see above. The red boxes are for January 2018 where we had a Capricorn (earth, feminine) new moon followed by a Leo (masculine, fire) super, full, blood moon. Capricorn happens in January. Leo starts in July, so they are on opposite sides of the zodiac. You will see that the pattern repeats in February 2018 with the moon phases in green. This is to create wholeness and balance.

All this changing energy might lead you to think that the Moon is always changing. She is, and she still has the same energy at the start of your life for your entire life. She has the same energy at the start of an astrological sign/new moon for the entire month despite moving into a new sign every 2 1/2 days. The wheel of life isn’t one wheel. There are wheels within wheels. They are all turning together. I will speak about this in a future article so look out for it.

Dark Moon, New Moon. What’s the Difference?

Dark Moon, New Moon. What’s the Difference?

Is the dark moon the same thing as the new moon? Hey, dark moon, new moon. What’s the difference? Is there any? Let’s take a look.


The dark moon is also known as black moon lilith by astrologers. This is the period when there is no moon visible in the sky and the moon is directly between the sun and earth. So the moon wanes (gets smaller) and disappears. Then there is a period where nothing appears to be happening before you see a tiny sliver appear in the sky and the moon begins to grow again. This the dark moon. It lasts between 1.5 and 3.5 days.

The confusing part of dark and new moon comes from the fact that astronomers  disagree with astrologers and those who use moon phases for ritual purposes. Astronomers put the new moon at the halfway point of the dark moon. So the moon ends its waxing in the dark and begins its waning in the dark. Astronomers also use the terms “dark moon” and “new moon” interchangeably.

Astrologers and ritualists time the new moon from the moment that a tiny sliver is seen within the sky.

While the date of the full moon is rarely debated, the date of the new moon varies from calendar to calendar because of this discrepancy between astrologers and astronomers. Most calendars follow astronomers (ironically, even astrological calendars do this) and put the date of the dark moon as the new moon. Here is a good lunar calculator that shows the dark moon and the first sliver so that you can figure out which date you want for your purposes. You can also download this app which not only tells you what phase the moon is in, it can also help you track your menstrual cycle and help you learn to feel the flow of Nature within your body.

Energetic Differences

The energy of the lunar phases is markedly different. If you start to tune in, you will see that the old wives tales are true.

Dark Moon – Ooh, there are a lot of different schools of thought on this one that are heavily influence by culture and spirituality. Some say never do any rituals during this time. Some say that this is the time to connect with the dead or ancestors. Others say that it’s a good time for rest, recuperation, meditation, and introspection.  Follow your own inner guidance.

New Moon – the new moon is for beginnings. It’s the springtime of the cycle when shoots are coming up and need to be nurtured. This energy is also strong, but passive.

Full Moon- The stories about higher mental hospital and prison admissions are true. A study that looked at crime reports between 1978 and 1982 found a significant increase on full moon days! The full moon is very active, strong, amplifying energy. This is time for letting things go.


You might be amazed at the politics around this. Feminists and religious people can have strong opinions about the the these moon phases. I encourage you to consider the idea of balance. If we are honoring polarities, we’d observe the full moon where the moon is brightest, strongest, and most active, and the dark moon where there is no light at all, and all is at rest. We are all well acquainted with the active, go go go of modern life. We rarely take time to slip into the Void where the juice lives that you need to bring forth the creativity that fuels whatever you’re birthing. If you only observe the new and full moons, you miss a gem of an opportunity to create harmony.

However, if your tradition says something else, go with what you know and follow your wild heart.