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creating connection

Creating Connection With Others

Creating connection with others isn't something that is formally taught. We learn it from our families in the ways that they socialize. If your family didn't have healthy boundaries or you were left alone a lot, you may not have learned how to do this. I'm...

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rewild yourself

How To Rewild Yourself

Lots of people are turning to animism to get closer to Nature. They are engaging in things like organic gardening, water collection, and eco-recreation to be kinder to the environment. But what about you? Are you ready to rewild yourself? What is Rewilding? What do I mean?...

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how to become an animist

How to Become an Animist

So, you're stumbled into the world of Nature, spirituality, and holistic living and you want to know how to become an animist? Awesome! Actually, the main thing to do to become an animist is to unlearn a lot of unnatural ways of being. You see, we're...

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beginner animists

My Advice for the Beginner Animists

I don't do a lot of social media, mainstream media, or social anything really. I rarely poke my head out of my hole to see what others are doing or talking about. I tend to live in the apparent world versus the virtual one. So...

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benefits of animism

Seven Awesome Benefits of Animism

Contemplating adopting an animist practice, but want to know the benefits of animism? Each person's practice will vary widely so the benefits of animism are different from person to person. But I am happy to share the advantages that I experience. Animism Gives You a Deep...

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Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Are My Favorite Boots Alive?

Have you ever thought, "Are my favorite boots alive?" Lots of people claim to be animists, but stop short of believing that things that we think of as inanimate having a soul. From this perspective, computers, socks, and brooms aren't "living" or "conscious." But are they?...

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