Standing Between Heaven and Earth on the Spring Equinox

spring equinox

Standing Between Heaven and Earth on the Spring Equinox

Feeling a bit out of sorts? The Spring Equinox is upon us, and we are moving into liminal space. We’re in that doorway between this and that, neither here, nor there, and neither in nor out. It’s a space of potential where anything can happen. It’s a balance of Yin and Yang, and yet it feels so uncomfortable.

We’ve actually been living here for the last year of covid-19. Lots of us can’t make plans because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We don’t know if the kids are going back to school, if work will open back up, if we will be able to travel or do many of the things that used to be routine.

We also live here as human beings. Humans stand between Heaven and Earth. Our small selves feel the fear, pain and desperation of survival that accompanies a physical existence. We respond by avoiding life through drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating, hoarding, sex, video games, or anything that distracts us from living.

Our big selves often forget that we are pure love and light. Or some of us glimpse it and spend our lives chasing after it in ceremonies, healing sessions, meditations, or other spiritual pursuits.

The gift of the equinox is to remember what it’s like to live in complimentary duality. You are That. By “that”, I mean ALL that. You are everything. You are your small self and big self; human and spirit, male and female, light and dark. Within is all potential. How do you want to express yourself?

If you spend your life doing things to escape pain, struggle, and emotions, you miss the wonder that is humanity. We’re here to cry, love deeply, yearn, hurt, and move mountains. Why would a perfect, loving spirit who only has to think of something to know it, choose to come into a world of darkness, confusion, and pain if not for the experience of it?

As a past life regression therapist, almost every session I facilitate is a version of the same story. We go through life not engaging in beauty and love that is around us. We walk around in darkness and fear afraid to open up to anything because we were hurt and don’t want to be hurt again. When death comes, we look back and see that life had no meaning because there was no connection. It ends up being a largely wasted experience.

Want to do something different? Sit in the in between. It’s our nature. It’s who we are. Feel the pain and pleasure that life has to give. Be contrary. Laugh and cry at the same time. Let something die as you birth something new. Be afraid and do the thing that scares you anyway. Live!

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