Sovereignty and Connection While Traveling

sovereignty and connection

Engaging in conversations about sovereignty, connection, and Oneness, it becomes clear that people don’t really understand those concepts. Or maybe they do intellectually, but they don’t know how to put them into practice. We are going to be hitting this hard to help you bring it into your life. All you have to do, really, is observe and be present with what’s happening every day all around you.

Take traveling. I recently returned from a trip. While traveling, I encountered a lot of people who clearly do not have these values. Here is what I mean.

Clean Up After Yourself

I hit the loo in the Charlotte airport. The first toilet seat I saw had urine all over it. The sinks had water splashed all over the place so there was no dry place to put anything.

We all have the option to do whatever we want. That’s sovereignty. I get that some people might not want to skin contact with a toilet seat and so they do what they have to do to avoid it. When it makes a mess for someone else, that is violating someone else’s desire for cleanliness. So, if you want to avoid contact with the seat and respect the person who comes behind you, clean up after yourself.

If you want to splash water all over the sink, or just do it inadvertently, clean up after yourself. Give the person behind you the same clean conditions that you’d want. Do this even if it wasn’t clean before you got there. That’s living the values of reciprocity, respect, kindness, sustainability, gratitude, and love.

If You Are Sick, Stay Home

If you have an illness that can impact others, stay home. I was once on a flight where we had a delayed departure because a passenger was not fit to fly and refused to disembark. Consequently, we had to wait for a doctor to confirm this and remove the passenger before we could leave.

I’ve been on a flight where a passenger had food poisoning. He fouled both bathrooms before leaving the aircraft before take off. So there was no working bathroom on the flight.

I was on an international flight seated next to a passenger with a really bad cold. It was a ten hour flight with no escape. Needless to say, a cold is a gift that keeps on giving. I ended up really sick, and probably a lot of other people, too.

People get sick. Things happen. When you know you are ill, consider others. If you need emergency care, die, or spread disease so that you can do what you want, the cost to others may be very high.

Consider The Impact of Your Choices

When you buy a seat on an airplane, you have the choice whether to pay for checked bags, choose your preferred seat, or fly with more comfort. Naturally we all want to be the most comfortable that we can. That’s sovereignty. It’s all good. Do you.

If you are flying with a buddy and one of you chooses an aisle and the other chooses a window, any interaction that you have will impact the person in the middle. So, if you are sharing food, talking, and passing things back and forth, you are encroaching on the middle seat passenger’s space and comfort. If it happens once or twice, no big deal. If it happens for the duration of a four hour flight, you’re grossly violating that person’s sovereignty. You’re definitely not promoting connection.

Go With the Flow

I am the first one to say, “Be yourself. Do you.” When you are in a crowded airport where people are rushing to get to their flight on time, it’s a time for “other awareness,” not individuality. Go with the flow – I mean, literally. Don’t stop in the middle of the walkway or stand on the left. You prohibit people who are in a hurry from moving around you. The left side is for movers, not standers. Maybe you are not in a hurry, but others are. Consider their needs. This is shared space.

If you are getting into a shuttle, don’t step inside and stop, thus blocking the entrance. Move out of the way so that others can get in. Move your belongings so that they aren’t obstructing the walkway. Flowing is about considering other people. If you want to stop or move more slowly, do it to the side where you don’t impact others.

We all make the world that we live in one choice at a time. The balance of sovereignty and connection is ongoing. When we give too much of ourselves, we can lose ourselves. If we don’t pay enough attention to our needs, we suffer. Yet if we don’t make an effort to connect, we can feel lonely and isolation. If we connect too much, we can be exhausted and depleted.

To be in balance, we have to weigh our needs with the needs of others. It’s not always easy, but it’s a really important concept to learn if you want self-esteem, confidence, connection, and intimacy in your life. Once you learn it, expand it to include the animals, plants, mineral, and spirit communities. You will see your sense of aliveness soar.