Solo Ritual to Reconnect with the Earth Element

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Solo Ritual to Reconnect with the Earth Element

There are times when our root is not strong. Or perhaps our birth chart or constitution never had a strong connection to the Earth element. Sometimes we just want to connect to the Earth element when the season changes to winter. Earth is also the element of business, sensuality, sexuality, fertility, money, and physical health. We can call on her when we have questions or need support in those areas. Here is a solo ritual you can use for that purpose.

Set Your Intention

Before you begin, get clear on your intention for this practice. Do you want to be more stable, follow through, experience the love of the Great Mother, be nurtured, feel whole? The more clear you are, the better your results. Perhaps you don’t really know what you need. If that is the case, let your journey to the Earth guide you.

Assemble Your Tools

Read through the ritual and decide what “tools” you want to use. Make a list beforehand so that you have everything handy before you start. This is especially important so that you don’t tear a hole in your sacred space to go retrieve something once you’ve started. Your tools will be things like soil, wine, seeds, water, and anything else used for the ritual.

Create Your Altar

The altar is the focal point of your ritual. They are often crafted for just one ritual. Sometimes they are left up longer, for example an altar dedicated to the Spring Equinox may be left up for days. An altar dedicated to a season may be left up for the entire season. Some people have four altars for the four cardinal directions that are always up.

Here is a simple altar idea for this ritual. Drape a small table with a green (for plants that grow on the earth), brown (for the color of earth), or red cloth (root chakra). Artfully arrange items on it that symbolize Earth, such as flowers, twigs, pine cones, pine needles, bark, soil, salt, resin, and spices. You may wish to also use incense. The smoke will help to raise any heavy energy generated into the air. Candles can help to illuminate what is unseen. Darkness and silence are the realm of Earth, so if that feels more right, you can keep it dark. If you like scent, some essential oils that have Earth resonance are patchouli, vertiver, and oak moss.


We always want to enter into ritual in a state of purification. We don’t want to bring distractions, negativity, or baggage into sacred space with us. First clean the space you intend to use for this ritual. Then purify yourself with smoke, water (bathing or spritzing), or a calming meditation. You may also wish to purify your tools with smoke or flame. Once the purification is done, you can don ritual clothing, remove all clothing, or wear what you had on before. Some people like to use special clothes to separate the mundane world from the sacred. Some like to do rituals nude to symbolize the pure state. Since all ritual and magic is personal, do what feels right and authentic to you.

Create Your Sacred Space

You can do this in one of two ways. In your mind’s eye, imagine that you are creating a safe bubble of energy in the area that you intend to work. Use your finger to create a circle inside of which you will work. Alternatively, you can walk the perimeter of the space three times knowing that as you walk, you create a border between the mundane and sacred worlds. You are creating a container for your work, so once you are inside the bubble, stay inside.


Call in the element of Earth saying something like, “I call to the element of Earth, our Mother, my home. I welcome you to this space and ask that you be with me.” Your call should be heartfelt and a pure expression of your wish. You may also wish to call in your helping spirits/guardian angels, helping ancestors, spirits of the place, gods and goddesses, or the other elements to support you. This strengthens the boundary, provides you with a witness to your work, and lends energy to your ritual. If you do this step, don’t move on until you feel that they have responded and are with you.  If you are new to ritual, you may wish to wait to call in energies until you have developed a relationship with these energies.

Welcome Your Guests

You are the host of a party. Welcome your guests. Do you want to offer a song? A dance? A prayer? As a show of reciprocity and gratitude for the support to the energies you have called in, make an offering. This can be water, wine, food, flowers, or whatever feels good and right for you. For Earth, put soil or sand in a large bowl. Place your hands in the bowl and feel the soil. Smell it. Let your hands be surrounded by it, feeling the fertile, life supporting nature of it. Feel the solid nature of it, just like your body. Let yourself be one with it. Give yourself time to notice what you can about this element.

Speak to the Earth

Now that you have acquainted yourself with Earth, speak to her. Tell her what inspired you to call on her. Ask her your questions. Ask for help if that is why you called on her. Listen to her wisdom. Experience what she has to teach. If you are in pain, release your pain into her huge, filtering body. Like the roots of a tree, she can support all that you have to release and transmute it into harmless energy. Let the process connect you firmly into her body, into your body. If you need to cry into her or even wail into her, give yourself that freedom.

Manifest the Magic Into the Material Realm

With your intention complete, we now want to bring the results into the material world. Place soil into a small pot. Plant a seed and water it. As you do this, know that this seed is the seed of the new reality that you wish to create. As you nurture it and watch it grow, know that the Earth is also nourishing you and growing within you. Although all plants belong to the Earth element, some of the stronger Earth element ones are herbs. I recommend planting an herb like oregano, chives, cilantro, basil or something that you would eat and can nourish you.

Close the Sacred Space

Once you are finished with bringing your intention into the physical world, thank and release whomever/whatever you called in just as you would thank guests who have come to your party. Now we are going to undo the separation between the mundane and spirit world. If you used your finger to draw a circle around it, reverse the circle with your finger. If you walked a circle, reverse that. Whatever you did, reverse it. Then touch the earth or floor to ground down any excess energy. Say something like, “This ritual is now closed in the real and apparent worlds” or “My rite is now ended.”

Do not skip this step! You opened a doorway into the Otherworld. It must be closed. Lots of people are drawn to paganism and magic who practice ritual without discipline. The veil between worlds exists for a reason. It’s for our protection. Only open it intentionally. Only open it while in sacred space, and always make sure you close it behind you.

The time within ritual is distorted. You may forget what you learned, so it’s a good idea to have a ritual journal where you write down the insights you received. Focus on the meaning of the content versus the content itself. Continue to add more insights as it is gained so that you grow from the experience.

One last tip. It helps to have a set way that you open and close sacred space. Repetition will give it more power and meaning. For that reason, you may wish to memorize the words you wish to say or write them down. Use the same words and format each time until you get a Pavlovian response of beginning and noticing the feeling immediately of being in ritual time and space. Good luck!

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