Solo Ritual for the New Moon in Virgo

new moon in virgo

Solo Ritual for the New Moon in Virgo

It’s the new moon in Virgo! It’s the perfect time to reboot. Ready? Here are some keywords for the energies that are in play now that can help you set your intention and go with the flow.


New moon – new beginnings, plant new seeds, refocus, renew, regroup

Virgo – perfectionism, service, analysis, communication, cool, critical, humility, standoffish, restless, modest, unassuming, sensible, practical, productive, conscientious, orderly, neat


Prepare for this new moon in Virgo ritual by gathering a journal or paper, a pen, hot tea, and meditative music. You will also need other items, but they will vary based upon your personal choices.

Set Your Intention

In what area above do you need a new start? This can be your intention for this new moon. Here are some examples:

  • I am impeccable with my words.
  • I am of service to those in need.
  • I am engaging in social situations.
  • My feet are firmly planted on the ground as I reach for the stars.
  • Everything I need is available to me.
  • I always work for my highest good.
  • I am good enough.

Create Your Altar

What items will make your intentions visible in the material world? What objects will help you to connect with this energy? What will you offer in gratitude for the help that you receive? Use these items for your new moon in Virgo altar. Here are some suggestions to inspire you.

  • sapphires or something in that color, like your altar cloth
  • crystals like green jade, celestite, fluorite, red jasper, moonstone, or citrine
  • fresh fall flowers
  • photos of your friends
  • a bowl of earth
  • candles

Purify and Open Your Space

Now that you have an intention and an altar, let’s open sacred space. You can cleanse this area with water, fire (candles), or air (incense, or burning aromatic plants). Don’t forget to also purify yourself, your altar items, and anything that you bring into your ritual space. Call to the directions, elements, ancestors, helping spirits, the Moon, or whomever or whatever you choose to have support you during this process.


Turn on your meditative music. Mentally say your affirmation three times, then sit and breathe in the energy of the new moon. Feel the feminine energies of Virgo, the Earth (Virgo’s element), and the Moon occupying the circle with you. Allow them to speak to you. Remember that this is the dark of the moon. It’s about emptying and resting. If you don’t seem to get anything in particular, that’s okay. You’re doing it perfectly. Just empty and be open to receiving when you’re ready.

When you feel “done,” come back to the present awareness. Relax. Leisurely drink your tea. If your affirmation still feels the same, write that down on a small piece of paper. If it has changed, write that down instead. Put it somewhere that you will see it during this current lunar phase.

Each time you look at it, feel that energy getting stronger within you. Look for ways that it is already true. Trust that everything is just as it should be. Know that your wishes were heard and that the support that you called in is here. Burn the paper on the eve before the next new moon.

If you received any other insights during your meditation, write those down in your journal.

Close Your Ritual

When you are finished, thank the energies that came to support you during this process. Close the circle.

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