Seven Ways We Block Our Path to Oneness

Oneness is a natural state of being. Fear and social conditioning creates separation almost from the time we take our first breath. Knowing how we block our path to oneness can help us undo this programming and get back on track. Let’s look at the top seven ways we do this.


Judgment always creates separation. It’s a way of saying, “I am different from you” or more likely “I am better than you.” The Bantu have a philosophy called Ubuntu which means, “”I am what I am, because of who we all are.” It’s a way of embracing each other as valuable, spiritual, worthy, and part of ourselves. It shows up when we are accepting, affirming, and hospitable. We may look and act different, but we share a common spirit. This philosophy is the complete opposite of judgment and wipes away obstacles to Oneness.


Racism is assigning differences in value because of pigment, hair texture and color, and eye color. When we put it that way, doesn’t it sound ridiculous? People are culturally different, but we’re all a part of the same human family. We can all trace our mitochondrial DNA to a single woman in Africa who lived 150,000 to 200,000 years ago. So we quite literally came from the same person and the same place. The leaves of our tree may look different, but we share the same root. Focusing on that root will help us see the Oneness.


So many religions operate from a place of exclusion. They are the “one true” religion and all non-believers are doomed. This kind of thinking creates an “us vs. them” mentality. People fought wars over this. People are still killing people for being the wrong religion. We may not like or understand someone else’s beliefs, but fearing them or judging them because of their beliefs destroys our connection. No connection, no Oneness.


When I say that politics is a connection killer, I speak from experience. US politics has been incredibly polarizing in recent years. I spent too much time angry about it, and it was destroying me and my family. So, I chose to believe that we’re all doing the best that we can and send everyone love. I got my peace of mind and family back. I understand that society depends upon our participation in the political process. We can participate in a humane and loving way. Try it.


There are all kinds of fears that stand in the way of Oneness. All of them reflect a lack of trust in your own ability to create the life that you want, your support from the ancestors, the abundance of Nature, and the goodness of all creation. Oneness includes all possibilities.  If you focus on fear, you will see boogie men. If you focus on connection, you will see that. Turn around. Look to the light. Everything is available.

Being Overly Focused on Things

When we measure life by physical things, we not only separate ourselves from other people, we separate ourselves from spirit. Humans are physical. We need food, air, water, companionship, inspiration, and lots of other things that spiritual beings don’t need. I am not saying that we ought to neglect our humanity. I suggest that we have a more meaningful existence if we remember that we are mind, body, and spirit. Balance creates connection that leads to Oneness.

Being Overly Focused on Ourselves

Oneness includes dogs, canaries, worms, Lake Superior, Mars, cake, the Manipur people, snow, and so much more. If we live a life that is focused on our growth, attainment, and pleasure, we lose out on the abundance and beauty that other people, things, and creatures can share. A life of me, me, me is isolating and lonely. We need experiences and contact with other creatures to really be in a space of Oneness. Reach out and connect with Nature.

Oneness isn’t something you can buy. It’s not something that someone else can give to you. It’s already yours. Wholeness is our natural state. All you have to do is remove the blocks to having it. It’s not easy, but it is achievable.

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