Seven Awesome Benefits of Animism

benefits of animism

Contemplating adopting an animist practice, but want to know the benefits of animism? Each person’s practice will vary widely so the benefits are different from person to person. But I am happy to share the benefits that I experience.

Animism Gives You a Deep Connection to the Land

People belong to a place. The land acts as our home and provides us with the means to survive. So, we honor and care for her. We’re deeply rooted to her.

Animism Reduces or Eliminates Loneliness

When you know in your bones that the love of thousands reverberates through your bones, you can’t feel lonely. They are with you with every step you take. They speak to keep you safe and guide your path. You’re always deeply cared for. So many modern people feel alienated from their families, cultures, and countrymen. With animism, you always know that you belong.

Animism is all about living in relationship with everything else. You can’t do it without this. So you be disconnected be animist.

Animism Gives You a Purpose

Every cloud, ant, rock, waterway, person, baboon, and tulip has a part to play in the cycle of life. Some feed others. Some are decomposers to keep nutrients cycling around. Some are teachers or healers. Everyone has a role. So do you. You’re important. So shine. You don’t have to drive a fancy car, look like Barbie, or have a million dollars. You’re already enough as you are.

Animism Reduces Fear

We know that uncertainty is part of the natural cycle of things. Every day ends in night. Sometimes typhoons and mudslides happen. Trickster stirs things up. That’s part of the mystery and surprise that keeps us from getting stagnant. And it all ends in death. When you accept that you are part of this cycle, there is nothing to fear.

Animism Promotes Cooperation

We know that we’re all connected, so we tend to be more pro-social, helpful, conservation oriented, responsible, and act with an awareness of future generations. We tend to be more kind. Our choices affect our ancestors, descendants, neighbors, and ourselves.

Animism Makes You Wildly Resourceful

With all the help available from the Otherworld as well as our brothers and sisters in the physical world, we are wildly resourceful. We are absolutely magical when manifesting solutions to problems. We use herbs, incantations, crystals, bones, and all sorts of things to help us heal, create change, or sustain things.

Animism May Make You Happier

Gratitude is an essential ingredient of lasting happiness. Gratitude flows easily because you’re aware of all your blessings. They abound daily. Today it’s raining. We need this water to live. It’s late January, but I can already see buds from flowers that will be emerging in a few weeks. So I am grateful for the life that is preparing to return. I was delighted by a bright red cardinal who perched on a branch and posed for me. So much beauty and abundance every day shows us that we are provided and cared for.

I could go on and on about the benefits of animism, but the bottom line for me is that it creates a sense of aliveness. I facilitate past life regression and see that so many people die without ever having lived. Animism makes every moment pop with aliveness. You belong to your family, land, the Earth, sky, and eternity. Try it and see.