september second

Something set the energy swirling. I don’t know what it was, could have been anything. But somewhere, somehow, something appeared. The chord of Tao intoned.

She was a brief and beautiful thing, full of swirls and bangles.

I’m fascinated by migratory birds, how they know how to go, how they all seem to know. How they follow the Tao. On a still lake surface, a first raindrop is majestic.

What was potential took form. I see it as a bubble bath, but that’s just me. Probably was volcanic, boiling acids and really hot. A big bang. Om across a void.

She was often angry, her desire to control far exceeding her capacity. Her feet almost touched the ground. It is in the nature of a pond to be still. The first wave informs each new one.

One bubble on the surface of the bubble bath holds everything we know. And everything we know may very well be in reference only to this bubble. We are limited creatures in a limited environment.

We think with our sex organs, Labu. This is why we make such crazy decisions.

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