Rowan Full Moon Ritual

The rowan tree’s strongest energies are: protection against enchantment or manipulation, discrimination, astral travel, connection to ecstasy, universal unconditional love, higher consciousness, connection to the mystery, and gateways between this and that. As we are nearing the Winter Solstice, a liminal space between peak darkness back into light, the rowan will be our guide back into the light.

Meditating the the rowan, or just sitting by one, lifts the emotions, enhances relaxation, and helps people let go of tension, stress, and strain. This opens the way to healing, strength, and purpose.

The Rowan Full Moon Ritual

For this ritual, you will need a dark space, candles, soothing music, and something to eat.

If you would like to purify your space and yourself, start by doing that with white sage, palo santo, incense, water, or Florida water.

Once you have separated your ritual space from the apparent reality,  call in and acknowledge the energies that you wish to inhabit this space with you. You can say something like:

I call to the Moon, the Sister in the sky who helps me become comfortable with my darkness, my softness, my emotions, and the divine feminine within. Please come be with me on this my full moon ritual.

I call to Mother Earth. I thank you for all the ways that you see to my needs. You ground me and provide for me. I ask that you come into this space today to support me and give me healthy boundaries.

I call to the Rowan, the protector and guardian of liminal spaces. Please be with me on this my full moon ritual. I ask for your guidance to help me grow in love.

Read through the following meditation. Feel free to edit it to fit your particular circumstances. You can either read it into a voice recorder to play back to yourself or guide yourself through the meditation in darkness.

The Meditation

Find a place where you can sit or lie down without being disturbed for the next few minutes. If you can be in the moonlight, that would be ideal.

Turn on your music.

Make yourself comfortable, and take a deep, cleansing breath, in through the nose and out through the nose. Inhale slowly and deeply without straining, just nice easy and relaxed. And let your breath just fall out of your body as you exhale- pushing it all the way out. Yes, that’s right. Let’s do that again, one more time.

Now, as you inhale and exhale slowly and easily, creating a rhythm so that the inhale and exhale are the same length… nice and relaxed. Forming a soothing, easy rhythms. Breathing in from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head. As you breathe in from the bottom of your feet, imagine that your feet are connected solidly to Mother Earth. She is holding you safe and stable and all the air that you bring into your lung is infused with her love. She’s cleansed it with the Earth so that all that you bring in is love and light. That’s right. Feel that love and light entering your body. Cleaning, healing, repairing your whole mind, body, and spirit.

And each time you exhale, you bring out with you any pain, stress, strain, toxins… any feelings of failure, shame, guilt, – or anything that is stuck and holding you back –  so that you can solidly connect with the pure love that is inside of you. That space that is clean, healthy, vibrant, and alive. Let it shine clearly. Radiating peace, calm, love, and joy.

That’s right. Now, imagine with me that we’re going for a walk in the woods. It’s nighttime. The air is warm and comfortable. And even though it’s nighttime, there is a full moon above illuminating everything is a silvery blue glow. There is more than enough light to see very clearly. All the same, you walk slowly, savoring the beauty of the night. Walking towards a small clearing surrounded by a group of trees. With each slow step you take, your mind becomes more and more focused on every small detail of the woods. You are so focused on the journey that you remember to forget the pain in your heart. That’s right, just remember to forget about it for now.

Now, we know that pain is a symptom of an imbalance and we don’t want to overlook that. We just want to disconnect from that pain long enough to follow it to the root. So with each step you take into the woods, it feels are though the pain moves further and further away.

In the woods ahead, notice that there is a dome of light that seems to create a sanctuary, a space of protection where you are perfectly safe. Head towards that and notice an almost imperceptible shift in the energy as you pass through. It’s as if you have a halo of safety and protection all around you. Anything that is not safe must stay outside of the bubble. Here you can move freely, breathe freely, and just relax. And since you can relax, you feel that warning light of pain just move further and further away. If we need it to come on later, it will be there letting you know that something is still out of balance, but for now, in this space of protection, we can turn it off.

So let’s head now to the center of the wood where there is a small clearing. As we reach the clearing and you notice the different trees. Some have leaves, some have needles. You find yourself drawn to one with small, elongated green leaves and scarlet berries. This feels like just the right place to sit down, so you make yourself comfortable, and sit with your back up against the tree- feeling deeply supported. You can let go. The tree will hold you up so that you can rest, relax, and let someone else do the work for you right now. That’s it.

Let yourself open up to the energy within you. Letting that love and light that you’re breathing in expand your energy field around your body. You may even notice, if you are sensitive and paying attention, that your energy field can feel the energy field of the tree behind you.

Notice that you’re well supported by the tree. You see, this is a rowan tree. Like people, all trees have energy. The energy of the rowan tree is to protect, banish, and sustain. It is a doorway that can open or close gates. Also like all trees, the roots can carry your pain into Mother Earth where she can filter and transmute it back into life giving energy.

So feel free to continue breathing from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, and each time you exhale, and imagine what it would be like if you could give all that pain now to the tree. And that tree sends it to the Earth and away from you. It could be that easy. Just give it all away.

You are in the perfect place now to do some permanent healing. Rowan trees can banish energies instantly. People do heal spontaneously without a lot of work. It can be easy. The moon is here to assist in your healing too.

You see, the moon is a symbol for the deepest feminine energy. She is our darkness, our shadow. When she is full, she shines a light into that shadow so that we can see it fully. Once exposed of course, we can work to acknowledge it, accept it, heal it, love it. Sometimes it’s as easy as that. Sometimes the moonlight shines a light on how to help ourselves. Maybe we need to make a change. Maybe we need outside help. The moon can show us the way.

So, open your mind now, and let the moon shine on what it is that you need to heal fully and completely now. You might get the answer right away. It might come later. Sometimes it comes in dreams or in a song. When you get the answer, it will be crystal clear. Or perhaps you already know the answer. However it comes for you is okay.

I’m going to give you a few minutes now to breathe, relax, and enjoy the moonlight with your rowan tree. You may get more insights, but if not know that whatever is meant to happen right now, is exactly what is happening right now.

Alright, it’s time to leave our healing grove. Before we do take a moment to thank the moon for her loving support. Know that every time you look up at her, she’s blessing you with her light.

Thank the Earth for all she does to sustain our bodies and support us.

Thank the tree for her healing energy.

Once you are done, continue breathing and walk out of the protective bubble within the woods, bringing back the peace and calm, and open your eyes. Give yourself a moment to adjust and return to the world feeling refreshed, relaxed, healthy, and whole.

When you are fully present again, light the candle. Illuminate the darkness and bring back all that you gained from your travels.

Be sure to eat something to help yourself get grounded again.

You may wish to write down what you experienced so that you don’t forget it.

Finish by acknowledging and releasing what you called in. For example:

I thank Mother Earth, Sister Moon, and Rowan for being here. The circle is now open.

Resume your day!

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