VIDEO: Rhythm and Connection

VIDEO: Rhythm and Connection

We’ve all been the new person to the ritual or drum circle but that should never stop us from participating. We learn by jumping in and trying.

Everyone has rhythm you just have to find it. Place your hand over your heart and clothes your eyes. Take the next few moments to notice your heartbeat. That is your life’s rhythm. Keeping your hand over your heart and your eyes closed, find your breath. Give yourself a few moments to steady your breath and listen to how your breath compliments your heartbeat. They aren’t the same but they both are beautiful beats.

Whenever you are at a ritual or circle, never feel like you can’t play or join in. When you join in the rhythm of the circle you can elevate or trance which could help you get more meaning out of the ritual you are performing.

Tips for first your first drum/ritual circle:

  • Bring a drum, rattle, or other instrument. Sometimes there will be extras to share but you want to be prepared.
  • If you don’t have an instrument to bring then a few keys on a key ring work as a rattle in a pinch. Clapping and stomping work as well.
  • Ask before before playing someone else’s drum or other instrument.
  • Remove rings and other jewelry that may damage a drum or instrument, especially if it’s borrowed.
  • Never played? No problem, just find the “1” beat and hit that. You can expand when you get comfortable.
  • Enjoy yourself.