Why There Is No Animist Bible

animist bible

Why There Is No Animist Bible

More and more people are looking at animism as a potential spiritual home. Because many of them come from other religions or none at all, people are asking us for an no animist Bible. They want instructions, a template, or some type of guide for how to “do” animism. I get it. If that’s what you’re used to, that’s what you want. So let’s look at why this doesn’t really work for animism.

We Value Sovereignty

Sovereignty means that you have the freedom to decide what your life looks like. If we give the expectation that you do X, Y, and Z when the moon is full, you no longer have a choice. It’s an obligation or expectation. Once it becomes that, you’re no longer sovereign. How do you learn to live in your fullness if you can’t make your own choices?

“Religion is the belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.” ~Deepak Chopra

We Value Connection

Connection is about engaging with the plants, animals, mineral realm, and other people. If you have to look to Nature for answers, every day you’re connecting. You’re in this moment. You have to be to figure out how to move in the world. It’s such an alive feeling!

We Know That Everything is Always Changing

A book captures a moment in time. Life is always changing. The sun that’s here today isn’t the same run that rose yesterday. You aren’t the same person that you were yesterday. So our stories, gods, and rules need to evolve too. If you look at the history of religion, you will see that this happens organically. We “forget” stories, myths and other things as they lose meaning and create new ones.

Everything Has Wisdom

If we wrote down a book of guidelines for humans, whose wisdom would we include? Would we write it from the perspective of the stars? A wolf? The trees? They all have wisdom. Why is one creature’s wisdom more valuable than another’s?

Or what about a human perspective? Which human could do all of Creature justice? Is such a person born who can encapsulate all the wisdom in a book or a library of books? Or could two words do it? How about “love everyone.”

Make Your Own Book

Books aren’t “bad.” If you need a book, perhaps you should make your own. If you create a journal of your observations, joys, thoughts, questions, and experiences.

When ideas come out of the imaginal realm and into apparent world, they transform. We can use them for growth. I have a moon circle book where I write down my insights from moon to moon. This creates a thread that links past to future. I can’t tell you how accelerated my growth has been since doing that. The process helps me grow in wisdom, release what is no longer useful, and grow into my next challenge. No book exists that could prepare me for that journey.

So trust yourself. Ask questions if you need help. Look to Nature for guidance. Talk to your ancestors. You are more supported than you know. And if you want a mentor, considering joining our online course. It will still be your own journey, just with a bit more hand holding.

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