New Moon in Gemini Solo Ritual

new moon ritual

New Moon in Gemini Solo Ritual

Don’t have a moon circle near you? No worries! Here is a new moon ritual for the new moon in Gemini that you can do alone. While day and time of the actual new moon is the optimal time for this, you can do it a day ahead to about to two days after to take advantage of this energy. The more important your intention is, the more exact you want to be about the time.

Set Your Intention

It’s a good idea to sync your intention with the energy around you. This way, the strong energy in the heavens is working with you. You can focus on one energy or mix and match. So what’s going on right now? If your ritual happens on the dark moon (when no light is visible in the sky), this is a liminal time that’s good for reaching out to the ancestors, resting, and banishing. If your ritual happens on the new moon (when the moon first reappears), it’s a good time for bringing new things into the world.

Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, this is a time to focus on communication. Gemini is an Air sign so things that have to do with intellect, creativity, writing, logic, independence, innovation, or detachment would also be appropriate for your new moon ritual. This particular new moon also has the qualities of spontaneity and change. Is there anything here that you’d like to banish (on the dark moon) or bring into the world (on the new moon)? Let that be your intention.

Here are some examples:

  • I confidently communicate with strangers.
  • Job change comes quickly and easily.
  • I am a published author.
  • My boundary issues are resolved.
  • I see answers to my problem around ______.
  • Fun dating prospects that match my wish list land on my door step.

Create Your Altar

Set up your altar in a way that reflects your intentions and the moon. Let this be as simple or elaborate as you like. Be sure to leave an offering for the spirits you intend to call into your circle. This can be anything that seems appropriate, for example: coins, chocolate, a flower that is blooming now, alcohol, tobacco, seashells, or cherries (because they are ripe now).

Purify and Center

Cleanse your ritual space with a prayer, water, fire (candles), or smoke (incense, sage, or palo santo). If you would like to call to the quarters, call in your ancestors, or the elements, do that now. Sit in meditation to center yourself for about ten minutes. You can do this silently, with music, or by chanting a mantra – whatever works best for you. Take your time. It’s better to wait until you are in the right heart space before moving on than to rush.

Write or Doodle

Since Gemini is about communication, write about what it will be like when you have what you want. Let it come from your stream of consciousness . Don’t think too hard on it. This can be bullet points or paragraphs. No one else will see this so don’t worry about punctuation or spelling. Nothing is too big or too small. Dream wildly. No editing about whether or not you think you deserve it or can have it. Just write.

If you’re not  writer, doodle. We’re not looking for art to hang in a gallery, just images or symbols that represent your heart’s desires. Stick figures or abstract images are fine.

As you write or doodle, let your body fill with the knowing that this is yours. Let your ancestors, gods, or whatever energies you called into your circle support you and bring this to you. Feel it. Know it.

Claim It!

When you feel that your writing is done, energetically cement it by speaking it aloud. Say something like, “I accept ______. It’s mine for the asking. So be it!” Let yourself feel the truth of what you speak. Speak with conviction. If you don’t believe it, the universe won’t take you seriously.

Close Your Circle

Give thanks to the energies that you called in. Release them and close your circle. Put your altar tools away. Ritually dispose of any offerings.

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