New Moon in Pisces Ritual

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New Moon in Pisces Ritual

New moons are a time of rest just before new beginnings. It’s time to reset, start new projects, and set intentions for what is to come.

For just a few days a month on the new moon, the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. Your wants and needs are in alignment, and the astrological energy is amplified. This makes it an ideal time to tap in and connect with the Moon.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. Pisces contains the energy of everything. Everything is possible – particularly in the areas of emotions, spirituality, compassion, intuition, and unconditional love.

You will need:

  • a means to purify the space: such as incense, water, Florida water, herbs, Palo Santo, etc.
  • a candle and the means to light it
  • meditation music, optional

Choose a space either outside under the sky (if it’s warm enough) or indoors in a dark room. A space that let’s you really open to the mystery of the moonless night is ideal.


Purify your area with smoke, water, Florida water, or by imagining white light caressing everything around you in protection. When it feels complete, proceed to the next step.

Light your candle to demonstrate that the ritual is beginning and you’re now in sacred space.


If you’d like to do an invocation, now is the time. If you don’t know one, you can use this one.

Earth below me

Sky above me

Fire and Ice within

Oh, Great Mystery!

That I can’t see

Unite in oneness again

Set Your Intention

It’s a great idea to work with the energy that is already available because it is easier. So think of what you’d like to begin or renew in the area of wholeness, spirituality, emotions, intuition, or something that is in Pisces’ wheelhouse. In actuality, since Pisces contains the energy of all signs, it could be anything, but those watery energies are stronger.

Some examples of Pisces new moon intentions could be:

  • I am more in touch with my emotions now.
  • I release the need for others to take care of my emotional needs. I can do that for myself now.
  • My spirit guides speak clearly to me.
  • My intuition guides my way forward.

For the purpose of explaining how to do the ritual, my intention is to align myself with love so that I may walk in Oneness.

Move into the Pisces Energy

Start your meditation music. Find a comfortable place to sit. Close your eyes. Allow your breath to become slow and deep as you spend the first few moments just tuning into your body and the Moon.

When you’re ready, place your hand above your heart and make counter-clockwise circles. Imagine as you circle that with each pass, he Moon is removing all barriers to love. You’re letting go of pain, forgiving old hurts, releasing your need for apologies or justice. Just let go whatever stands in the way of feeling the love light inside of you.

Take your time. This is not a pill or quick fix. We need to feel our feelings and honor our pain by acknowledging it. The Moon is great at this. Don’t rush it.

Continue to make that circle until everything that is ready to be released is released, then go just a bit longer to see if anything else squeaks out.

Remove your hand and shake it. Now put it back on your heart and make circles in the reverse direction. Allow yourself to feel yourself filling with unconditional love. Feel the joy of having open space and potential to create that new beginning you long for. Maybe it feels calm. Maybe it feels tingly and alive with excitement. It could switch back and forth. Just let it be as it is, and when it feels “done,” bring your hand down. Keep your eyes closed, and imagine that everything is closing down and sealing up, keeping all that hope and vibrant energy inside.

Create a picture in your mind of what this blossoming seed that represents your fulfilled wish looks like. Is it a pink flower? A sunrise? A shimmering crystal beneath the sea? However you see it, bring this image to mind throughout the month whenever you feel the love waning or when it’s overflowing.

If you have any messages from Spirit or the Moon or any bits of inspiration that you want to capture, write them in your moon journal so you don’t forget.

Close Your Circle

Say thank you and goodbye to the Earth, Air, Fire, Ice and Spirit that you invoked. Close your circle. Blow out your candle to return to the apparent world.

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