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Got Money Issues? Maybe Your Earth Energy is Out of Balance

I recently posted a video of my wheel of life on YouTube and explained how to use the wheel. That led to two people realizing that their Earth energy is out of balance. They both were experiencing money issues and asked me how to fix this right away!

Before I get to how to fix your Earth energy, let me first explain what this is for those who don’t understand. Long ago, cultures everywhere understood that everything is created from energy. These energies are further broken down into four qualities: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.

Fire keywords are: masculine, daring, bold, risk taking, direct, confident, decisive, reckless, competitive, compulsive, egotistical, opinionated, pushy, win at all costs.

Air keywords are: masculine, communication, ideas, inspiration, innovation, creativity, optimistic, charming, amusing, witty, lively, entertaining, shallow, unfocused, manipulative, silly, and ungrounded.

Keywords for Water are: feminine, emotional, intuitive, ancestors, death, transformation, good listener, cooperative, quiet, passive, dependent, timid, naive, and sensitive.

Keywords for Earth are: feminine, grounded, stable, diligent, loyal, sensual, materialistic, beauty, physical, hard working, trustworthy, self controlled, responsible, dignified, dependable, picky, perfectionistic, boring, obsessive, unemotional, pessimistic, suspicious, and distant.

No element is better or worse than another. They are all required for wholeness. All elements have a high and low side. We can be out of balance by tipping towards the low side of an element. Imbalance also happens if one element dominates.

So how does having a lack or overabundance of Earth energy relate to finances? Earth governs all things physical. This means the body, possessions, and our senses. People with a healthy dose of Earth energy tend to be sensual. They enjoy the aroma of fresh flowers, the feel of nice fabrics, the sound of good music, the taste of good food,  and a beautiful sunset. They are generous and surround themselves with beauty. When Earth flows, abundance is everywhere. When Earth is lacking, the discipline and self control needed to create abundance might not exist. This person may not be a good receiver. He may also have an attitude of scarcity, so lack surrounds him. To get that abundance moving again, it helps to cultivate the Earth energy.

How to Balance Earth Energy

  • To increase Earth, wear yellow, orange, or red.
  • Dance to music you love. Partner dancing is especially good.
  • Eat warm, nourishing, healthy foods.
  • Savor experiences.
  • Get a massage.
  • Practice gratitude. A lot!
  • Allow space for silence.
  • Take baths.
  • Tend your ancestor shrine.
  • Be kind to your inner child.
  • Get adequate rest.
  • Wear or meditate with shungite, jasper, prasiolite, smoky quartz, or hematite, black tourmaline and garnet. These all work in different ways so you will need to hold it to see what feels best for you.
  • Hug a tree.
  • If you have a trauma history, address that.
  • Start something new and stay with it until it’s finished.
  • Walk barefooted outside (when it’s warm enough).
  • Practice good self care.
  • Create a home environment that is an expression of you, a sanctuary.
  • Practice mindfulness – particularly to be aware of when you’re embodied.
  • Maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Garden.
  • Cuddle with your pet, partner, or child.
  • Wear chunky jewelry made of wood.

Is My Earth In Balance?

Not sure if this is a problem for you? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to give yourself some clues.

  1. How well do I nourish myself?
  2. What’s my attitude about earning and spending money? Do I earn enough? Do I spend too much?
  3. How easily do I receive help, gifts, or love?
  4. Do I love too much? Do I withhold love and support?
  5. How many guards or barriers do I have between myself and others?
  6. Do I feel grounded?
  7. How much do I notice beauty, sounds, flavors, or touch?
  8. Do I feel deeply connected to my family, my ancestors, and the rest of Creation?
  9. How is my digestion?
  10. How well was I mothered?

The body is the home for the spirit. Earth energy is what allows us to be fully human. People stand between Heaven and Earth. When we are not embodied with balanced Earth energy, this connection isn’t strong. We can’t be fully nurtured when cut off, or partially connected, to these two great spiritual sources. When deprived of the energy of Heaven and Earth, love has a hard time flowing through our hearts. So, while we need all four elements in balance, I always start here with the Earth, with Sovereignty, so that love and safety form the foundation of everything else.

Having balanced Earth energy is about far than manifesting money, a job, or security. Money is only a symbol for the safety that we feel. Our Mother always provides. When we are firmly anchored in our bodies, our lives, and are expressing authentically, we have the ability to manifest money, security, and our soul’s desires.

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