Setting Up A Delightful Mini May Day Altar

mini may day altar

Setting Up A Delightful Mini May Day Altar

Can you believe spring is halfway over already? That means it’s time to celebrate May Day!

May Day is often known for the giant, community bonfire and feasting. As we’re still in social distancing, I am going to talk about how to make a mini May Day altar for those who haven’t yet returned to “normal.” These ideas are designed to take up a small amount of space indoors or outside.

Find Your Spot

The first thing you want to do is find a suitable spot. This could be on an end table, mantle, plate, atop a stump, inside a seashell, atop a craft mirror, inside a tiny basket, or inside a glass jar. The small size means that you can hide this in plain sight in your office if you’re not “out” yet. If you’re traveling, a mini altar lets you honor the season away from home.

Gather Your Items

Think about what energy you want your altar to reflect. Are you going for a balance of the elements? Choose something to represent the Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Do you want the feeling of Spring to dominate? Choose things like the plants that are growing now or things in the color of Spring. Other themes could be the ancestors, Fire, or fertility. Remember that this is a mini altar. You don’t have to have a ton of items. One is fine.

Some ideas are: seasonal flowers, candles, honey, ribbons, greenery, crystals, herbs, spices, eggs, a mini decorated tree, fertility god statues, pictures or symbols of bees, the ancestors, or bunnies. Think of things that make you feel inspired and connected to your theme.

Cleanse Your Space

Cleanse your space with aromatic herbs, spritzes of water, Florida water,  incense and your intention. This removes any stagnant energy so everything feels fresh and alive. Your altar can radiate with goodness now.

Arrange Your Items

Your finished product could look like a flower basket, a basket of strawberries adorned with a ribbon, or a candle surrounded by greens. Your mini altar could be a shell filled with herbs, a single crystal, or a tree outside that has colored ribbons with wishes written on them hanging from the lower branches. Do what makes your heart smile. Capture the season in a way that feels authentic to you.

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