Living an Ordinary Sacred Life

Animism is an ordinary sacred thing. There is no enlightenment or Heaven at the end. You don’t get status that elevates you above others. To have those things requires separateness. In a state of Oneness, nobody is any more enlightened than anyone else. No one is higher or lower. We just Are.

Modern animism doesn’t promise that you will live pain free. It may not even lead to peak spiritual experiences. With so little sizzle, why would anyone engage in it?

We can overlook the beauty in small, common, quiet things. Life is made up of a lot of small, common, quiet things. Modern animism makes those things visible again. When you walk in the wheel of life, you can hear the voices of your ancestors in the wind. A child’s first fish on the hook can be a sign of something that you needed the answer to. You begin to feel yourself as a link between past and future. You’re connected.

Although you may not always know what’s ahead, you never lose your way. There is a thread both backward and forward. Nothing is really too new or scary because you have been here before as life moves in a circle. This creates a sense of security that no matter what comes, you’re going to be okay. You are cared for, provided for, and a part of something bigger. This can make life a lot more meaningful.

In the ordinary sacred, every day is a blessing. Every person is a ray of light. And you are always right where you are meant to be. Indulge in it.

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