Libra New Moon Ritual

libra new moon ritual

Libra New Moon Ritual

September 28, 2019 is a Libra super moon. Animism is a call to live in the wheel of life. Doing a Libra new moon ritual will help us do just that!

What’s This Mean?

“New”¬†either refers to when the moon is not visible in the sky or when you see the first slivers of light returning. These are actually different energies, however “new” moon is often used to describe both phases. We generally observe the time when the moon returns as this is an optimal time for new beginnings.

“Super moon” is one that is closer to the Earth. This intensifies the moon’s impact.

“Libra” is the sign of balance. Other keywords are harmony, indecisive, partnerships, and peace loving. Chiron is active this lunar cycle, so that is pushing us to heal. A good intention for this cycle will be creating healthier boundaries to heal old relationship wounds.

So, this is a time when new beginnings are possible, particularly in the areas of partnerships. Find ways to create more balance. The best time to tap into this energy is the actual day of the new moon or up to two days before or after.

What You Need

  • journal
  • candle
  • purification substance like water, fire, or smoke
  • meditative music, optional
  • calendula tea, or something else that seems more fitting to this energy

New Moon Ritual

Find a soothing, uncluttered space where you will not be disturbed.

Cleanse your space and yourself using the purification method of your choice.

Light your candle.

If you are using meditative music, turn that on now.

Sit or lie down so that you are comfortable. Close your eyes. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Now imagine that you are walking at twilight into an inviting meadow. Night is coming on, but not yet. You know the moon is in the sky even though you can’t see her. She is there to help illuminate what is hidden from you now. She’s sending her support.

You find a comfortable spot to sit for a while. You didn’t plan it, but you notice that you are sitting next to scleranthus, a low growing herb that helps with indecision. Like magic you notice that this scleranthus essence seems to have the power to help you see more clearly. It’s highlighting your stuck places. It’s helping you see what you need to heal.

The energy is very gentle, loving, and nonjudgmental. This healing space gives you the insight that you need to move forward in a healthy way. Sit in it and allow it to send you the information that you need now. Take all the time that you need. If you don’t see, hear, or sense anything, know that your unconscious is receiving the information and it will become apparent to you in the coming hours and days.

When the energy seems “done” and you have received all that you need, thank the scleranthus and the Moon and return to the present moment.

Stand up. Put your hand over your heart. Take three deep cleansing breaths, inhaling all that you have learned. Bringing all that love, forgiveness, and strength into your heart. Just feel it going deep, deep, deep inside. Feel strong, as if the changes that you saw are already in the process of happening now.

If it feels right and true, say “I use this Libra moon energy to create balance. My relationships are a source of strength and power. I have the discernment to know what to do, and how and when to do it. All is well. So be it.”

If you have anything you want to retain, take the time now to write in your journal. Enjoy your tea. Enjoy the energy of the Libra moon.

Finish by touching the ground to indicate that you are now grounded back into the present reality. Blow out your candle.

*You can also record the meditation and play it back to yourself.


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