How to Prepare for the Winter Solstice

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Winter Solstice 2020 is going to be HUGE! There is so much going on astrologically that can help guide us through the next year and beyond that we want to prepare for the Winter Solstice. Don’t let it catch you off guard.

Check this out. We have:

There’s lots of topsy turvy energy coming our way that can pave the way for big healing, new connections, and a deeper sense of sovereignty. Here are some tips for how to prepare for the Winter Solstice. Be sure to put your own individual spin on it.

Clean House

The new year is a time to clean house. I don’t mean a quick dusting and vacuuming, but a deep, all over clean. Throw out all the things that are no longer of use. Put things away. Clean into all the cracks and corners. Bring light and energy into every closet and shelf. This is a top to bottom loving care of all of your things.

You may want to paint to brighten things up and change the energy. Clean windows helps more light to come in. Fresh flowers or plants also brings life into the home. Anything dead or dingy should be moved out. Clutter is also a big no no. Anything that obstructs the free flow of movement should either be moved or thrown away.

What we bring into the new year stays all year. If you want all this amazing energy to have space to transform you and your life, (and being in the wheel of life means being willing to evolve), you have to make space.

Cleanse Your Body

Everything needs to be purified. Your physical form is where your soul rests. Make time to ritually purify your body. You may wish to don a new set of clothing especially to welcome in the new year.

Cleanse Your Mind

Meditation is a great way to cleanse your mind of busy, intrusive, or negative thoughts. You can start a meditation practice right now to empty your mind every day. Each day is a new start. Finish the thoughts from the day before. Let your worries filter into the earth. Decide with the new sun whether you want to pick them up again.

One of my goals for my life is to live at 0. I strive to put down everything at the end of the day so that I live “clean.” This is what meditation does for me. It enhances clarity so much when your lens is always clean.

Cleanse the Air

If your space is too dry from your furnace, add some moisture with a humidifier. Add a fresh essential oil to the water, like something citrusy or some lavender essential oil to perk things up. If you need more of a heavy duty banishing oil, use three of the following essential oils in equal parts: bay, pine, eucalyptus, basil, sage, lavender, vetiver, rosemary, or lemon.

Practice Gratitude

Another way to prepare for what’s coming is to give thanks for the blessings you have already received. We can miss abundance if we live in an attitude of lack. When we see blessings for what they are, we have more of them.

Be Open to Receiving

We all have a better chance of receiving what we get clear on what it is what we want and allow ourselves to receive it.

Here is a story to show you what I mean. One day a man was sitting in his house when it began to rain very hard. Seeing the water rising, the man thought, “I’m going to be stuck” so he asked the Spirits to help him. Shortly afterwards, a woman in a big truck came by and said, “This isn’t looking too good. Would you like to come with me?” The man said, “No, thanks. The Spirits are going to save me.”

When the water started entering the house, the man went to the second story window to watch and wait. A man in a boat came by and offered to take him to safety. The man said, “No thanks, the Spirits will help me.”

The water kept rising, so the man went to the roof to wait. A helicopter came by and lowered a rope for the man to climb to safety. The man waved them away saying, “It’s okay. The Spirits will save me.”

When the man drowned, the Spirits met him in the Otherworld. The man confronted them saying, “I waited for you. Why didn’t you save me?” The Spirits replied, “We sent a truck, a boat, and a helicopter.”

What you desire can’t come in if you aren’t open to receiving. Your eyes have to see the blessing. Your heart has to accept it. It doesn’t always come in the form that you want or expect. It can’t come at all if you don’t say “yes.”

Be Willing to Sacrifice

Everything worth having comes at a sacrifice. There is always an exchange of energy. In the western world, we often distill it down to money, and although that helps in the material world, the currency of the Otherworld is quite different. You may need to give up comfort, ego, being right, entitlement, your stuff, time, family, friends, loved ones, your mind, or any number of things. When something is no longer of use, it becomes baggage. We need to sacrifice it to become who are are now.

Are you feeling the weight of this new beginning now? I hope so. It’s big. I want you to be prepared for the greatness that it has to offer. Ready?