How to Make Black Salt for Full Moon Rituals

how to make black salt

How to Make Black Salt for Full Moon Rituals

The full moon is a time for releasing what is no longer useful. If you need a little extra help in that department, that’s where black salt comes in handy. This is not the Himalayan or Hawaiian black salt that is used in gourmet cooking. This is the witchy kind that you will make yourself to use for protection, unbinding, driving energy out or away, or taking the wind out of the sails in something.

Whenever you are using things to enhance, remove, or direct energy, I advise that you create as much of the things you are going to use to make this happen. This puts your own energy into it from start to finish and makes your outcome stronger. So it’s better to make your own black salt than buy it.

I don’t advise “dabbling” in this type of work. If you are serious about it, learn how to do it responsibly, in a protected away, and with respect to all that it touches.

To make basic black salt, you will need:

  • a mortal and pestle
  • an airtight, glass container
  • sea salt
  • charcoal (activated, food grade or ashes from the fireplace)
  • a pinch of black pepper
  • cone incense

Start by crushing the charcoal and black pepper in to a fine powder using the mortal and pestle while thinking about the purpose for this black salt. Gently add the sea salt and crush. You have added enough salt when the color remains black.

Choose the type of incense that will complement the purpose of the black salt. For example, if you want this for banishing, sage, dragon’s blood, frankincense, myrrh, juniper, or bay. Now make a bed on a fire proof surface and burn the incense cone on the black salt. When the cone is turned to ash, gently mix in the ashes with the black salt.

Store in the airtight glass container until ready to use. Be careful not to spill this as it may result in unintended consequences.

I suggest personalizing this to make it better suited to the intended purpose. For example, if you want to make it stronger, you can add paprika or oak ashes. Cinnamon or clover enhances the protective powers.

If you want to use the power of the moon to enhance your black salt, you can make it during the dark moon or put it outside under a full moon to boost the potency.



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