How to Really Love Your Space

how to love your space

How to Really Love Your Space

A pretty white cottage with a circular driveway lined with flowers sits along the road to town. I don’t drive past it often, so I was surprised when I saw it looking grey and forgotten one day. It seemed to happen over night – like the life just went out of it. And the “for sale” sign showed that that’s exactly what happened. 

This is what happens when our spaces are not enlivened with love. They droop, sag, and fade. Sometimes with us still in them.

Loving your home is one way to practice animism. If you love your space, it will love you back by vibrating comfort, joy, and safety. 

Not sure how to love your space? Keep reading!

Keep It Clean

Think about the way energy flows. We need space to breathe. We perk up when things are clean and uncluttered. A clean window makes the view look so much brighter. An uncluttered table top makes a space feel more inviting. Trimmed hedges make a huge difference in how the approach feels. Cleaning is an act of love and care. Trust me. Your home will appreciate you taking the time to tidy up and declutter. You will feel better too.

Laugh Here

Laughter is energy. When you bring joyous energy into a space, it resonates with life. So sing here. Dance. Listen to music. Bring joyous energy into the space. Let it flow. Your home is a living thing that responds to the energy within it. Make it joyful.

Make It Pretty

Take time to bring in soft, pretty touches like cut flowers or a nice wall hanging. Put in flower beds or potted plants. We all feel better when we feel pretty. Your home will too.

Cook Here

Think about all your best memories with people. I’ll bet most of them involve food, don’t they? Food is love. If you want to love your home, cook here. Feed people here. Eating with others is a way to bring love into your house. A house that knows love is a happy home.

Now, I don’t mean throwing a frozen pizza in the microwave. I’m talking Thanksgiving, candlelight dinners, and hearty breakfasts. Good, healthy, home grown food. Junk food isn’t love. Real food is love. Put some time into it. Cooking is a fundamental life skill. Lots of people don’t have relationships with their homes because they don’t do simple things like self care. Don’t outsource your life. Live it. Live it in your home.

Create a Sense of Safety

Many people grew up in dysfunctional households. Home was a place to escape. It was rush in, get clothes, sleep, shower, grab something quick to eat, and get out. Home wasn’t a place to where they wanted to linger.

If you want your home to feel like a loved space, you have to have a sense of safety there. For some, that may mean getting black out blinds, a security system, fluffy blankets, or a dog. Do whatever you need to do to make your home a sanctuary.

Relationships are built on safety. You can’t have a relationship with your home if you don’t feel safe here.

Give Gratitude

Whether you live in a modest one room studio or a grand palatial estate, give gratitude for what you have. Say “thank you” to your favorite room for its view or comfort. Thank the kitchen for the warmth and nurturing you get there. Thank the walk way for the feeling that you get when you know your work day is over and you’re about to enter your sanctuary. Your house feels it.

Live Here

Many people don’t live their lives. They are consumers and achievers. They use things and act on people. The animist way of living is to have a relationship with people and things. It’s a give and take exchange. When you live in your space, your home becomes a part of your life, not just something that you act upon and move through.

Pay attention to how your home feels. When it feels dull, brighten it up. When it feels lonely, be more present when you are there or bring some lively people in. Respond to it.

We’ve all seen houses that seem bright and alive and homes that feel dull, dusty, and lifeless. If you spend at least one third of your life in a space, it’s part of you. You nurture it and it nurtures you. So feed it. Love it. Enliven it.

What do you do to really love your space? Share with us!

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