How to Have Amazing Past Life Dreams

incubate a dream

Do you want to have amazing past life dreams? When you ask your dreams for answers or information, we call that “incubating a dream.” It’s the process of opening yourself up to engage with the unconscious with a specific purpose. This could be for past life recall, figuring out what is blocking you, advice from Spirit on how to solve a problem, or anything at all really. You could even discover the meaning of life!

Incubating a dream is a normal practice that anyone can do that lots of native animists grew up with. We are not separate from the spirit world, nor are we “blocked” from our feminine ways of knowing. Our dreams are the bridge between our conscious and unconscious. It’s the doorway from the masculine to the feminine. If you ignore it, you lose a great guide! If you participate with your dreams, you can skyrocket your intelligence, satisfaction, happiness, and resourcefulness. It’s like having a personal secret weapon.

Now, this process is more effective if you are skilled in meditation and you know how to quiet the mind. If that’s not you, I’d suggest that you cultivate that skill first. Meditation empties the mind and creates space for information to come in. It removes the chatter so that you can see and hear that information clearly. If you can’t do that yet, your results may vary.

Before you go to bed, muse upon what it is you want to know then say something like “Show me the incident from my past that is most impacting my life now.” I say “muse” because you don’t want to think about it. It’s not a left brain process. If you could retrieve it from your conscious mind, you would have that information already. You have to open the door with your imagination.

“Imagination” doesn’t mean falseness or stories. It is not imaginary or made up, but imaginal, meaning you can see it. This is a right brained process. It’s about letting go. So let the pictures, smells, sounds, and memories seep into your brain in the form of symbols and pictures.

Be sure that your intention is clear. “Show me a past life” is not all that useful. How would you distinguish that from any other dream? Something like “Show me what I am doing to stay stuck in this job” is a great intention. It puts you in the driver’s seat because you are the one who can solve the problem. If you think it’s the economy or hiring freezes, there is nothing you can do to change that. Incubating a dream won’t give you a solution to the economy. It can tell you to buff up your resume, where to go to put yourself in contact with someone who can help you, or show you how your attitude is making the situation bad.

Hitting on the right question can sometimes erase the need to ask it. So spend time musing. Keep it fun-loving and light – especially when the situation is dark and gloomy. The darkness keeps us small and scared. Play and curiosity opens up possibilities.

I’ve had a dream journal since 1995. I looked back at it just yesterday where I incubated a dream five years ago on an issue that I still had up until recently. The dream gave me the same mind blowing answer that finally resolved it for me. If I had only listened and paid attention then, I could have moved on much sooner.

Sometimes your questions come before you’re ready for the answers. If that happens, give yourself grace. Insight and action happen when it’s time.

Everything becomes easier with practice. Think of this like wearing a path. The more you tread it, the easier it is to follow. If you’re serious about creating a relationship with your dreams, write them down. Ask questions of your unconscious regularly. When we talk to people who aren’t listening, we stop talking. So listen to the answers.

We’re physical beings with a spiritual core. Our dreams are the one way our Spirit speaks to us. When we integrate that into our being, we become the fantastic, powerful beings that we are.