How to Get Rid Of Unwanted Energy Without Burning Sage

burning sage

How to Get Rid Of Unwanted Energy Without Burning Sage

Burning sage has become a popular way to get rid of unwanted energy and purify a space. Unfortunately sage doesn’t grow naturally everywhere, and it’s actually in very short supply. Additionally, some feel that burning sage is spiritual appropriation because the practice is borrowed from Native Americans.

So what is a person to do if you want to get rid of unwanted energy, but you also want to be respectful of the land and indigenous peoples? Thankfully, there are other easy solutions!

Rosemary Under the Bed

Rosemary is a plant that grows very easily in pots indoors. Even apartment dwellers with no outdoor space can have this available at all times. It’s a hardy plant that you can use in foods and it requires a minimum of care. So, how do you use it for banishing negative energy?

Easy! Rosemary is a protective, cleansing, and purifying herb. Just take a bunch or a few springs (depending upon how much juice you need) and place it under your pillow, under the bed, or on a nightstand before you sleep. If you have lots of it, you can even make a wreath and place it on your front door.

Check the dryness of the herb in the morning. Very dry herbs indicate that it’s absorbed lots of unwanted energy and has done its job. The best way to dispose of it is to burn it. If you can’t burn it, be sure that it is disposed of away from your front door or property so that the unwanted energy is away from you and your home.

Use An Essential Oil Elixir

Essential Oils are potent healers that have many uses. For banishing, use three drops of three (only) of the following oils: eucalyptus, pine, lemon, bay leaf, frankincense, basil, clove, rosemary, or angelica mixed into a teaspoon of carrier oil. Whatever you have around the house is fine, such as olive oil or coconut oil.

You can use this mixture in one of two ways. Either place it in a warm bath and soak in it to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit or use it to cleanse your home. If you have floors that can be washed with water, place the mixture in a mop bucket and mop the floors from the furthest corner to the front door. When finished, toss the water outside away from the front door.

You can do either of these practices whenever you need a fresh space or outlook, but the best time is on the full moon or a Saturday.

Warning! Do not use undiluted essential oils. You may experience burning, rash, itching, or other dangerous side effects! Be sure that you are not allergic to these oils before using.

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