draw down the moon

How To Draw Down the Moon

With the full moon lunar eclipse happening, you may be interested in learning how to draw down the moon. This is a full moon ritual that can be performed when you want to soak up the energy of the moon, send her gratitude, ask for her favor, or hear her wisdom. Since you are invoking the goddess, or asking her to embody you, this is not something for beginners. It’s also not something that is generally done at moon circles or events for the general public.


First, if you are a beginner, prepare for this ritual by learning about the natural world, her cycles, ritual, and yourself. Attend other people’s rituals and create your own. Go to moon circles. Meditate. Learn about reciprocity and sacrifice. While books are great, there is no substitute for personal experience. Once you are comfortable, you can attempt this ritual.

You prepare for this ritual in the same way that you would for any other. Those who are new to ritual may want to view other posts or our youtube videos for more detailed instructions on the particulars like creating an altar.

  • Set your intention.
  • If you wish to purify, you can do this by bathing, using smoke, water or fire.
  • If you want to don ritual clothing, you can do that now.
  • Create an altar if you are using one.
  • Open sacred space if this is part of how you work.


Once your preparations are finished, get quiet and centered. This may take the form of chanting, breathing, or just sitting in silence. Use this time to shake off anything that doesn’t belong here in this sacred space. Feel yourself being strongly rooted to the earth.

When you’re fully present and grounded, it’s time for the invocation. If you like speeches and formality, you can prepare something in writing or memorize something powerful or poetic. You can also speak off the cuff and from the heart. Your words are an invitation for the moon to come to you.

Stand in the light of the moon. Outside in all her glory is best, but a window facing the moon will also do. Reach up your hands to her and say something like:

Salutation: Oh, moon; Selene; Luna; Goddess of the Moon; Hecate; Triple Goddess (however you identify with her is fine. Just call out to her).

Your invitation: I call to you to come into me to ___(speak your intention)___. What do you want her to do? Fill you with inspiration? Answer questions? Give you her power? Speak her wisdom? Bless you? This can be as long or short as you like.

Now surrender and wait. As you wait, see the air fill with her presence and enter you. Notice how you become her. Maybe you feel bigger, more powerful, energized, whole, or dizzy. Listen to what she has to say. Maybe she only speaks to you in symbols or feelings. She may appear as Maiden, Mother, Crone, or something totally different. Let her be as she is. Don’t analyze. Just be. Fill yourself with her essence and feel your body containing it.

When it feels “done,” thank the Moon for her presence and release her. Use your own words. Some like flattery and recognizing every detail of the experience. If you are pithy, “I thank you and release you, Moon” is enough. Uncast the circle. Eat something to help you ground back down. Remember that you were in an altered state of consciousness with the Moon embodying you! It may take some time to feel yourself again.

Keep in mind that there is no prescribed way to draw down the Moon. This is just an outline to inspire your own creativity. All rituals should be unique to you and the time that you do them. Rituals reflect the need of the time always so create from the heart. This also means that you don’t have to wait for the full moon. The effect will be strongest then, but the different moon phases have different energy, and that might be what you are looking for.

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