Healing Requests

Like all churches, Pan Society has always had healing requests. After covid hit, our healing requests became unmanageable and we had to move to doing virtual group healings. I found that this is not only effective, it may be even more effective because of all the helping ancestors who join in. I’ve seen astonishing results and want to make this available to anyone who needs it.


Healing requires consent. So you can only request healing for yourself, your minor child, or for someone who you are responsible for who lacks the mental capacity to ask for themselves (such as an intellectually disabled adult child).

All healing is self healing. The “healer” is actually only a conduit through which the healing flows. It’s only an offer. So you have to say yes and participate. Once your healing request has been submitted, look for the wonderful evidence that it’s happening. Too many times I see people with patterns of anxiety or depression start to feel better. Then they look for evidence that it’s not working, see something doubtful, call the gains placebo, and it all goes away. Whether you heal or not is up to you. Say yes.

You need to have skin in the game. I’ve been practicing healing modalities for over twenty years. One thing I’ve learned for sure is that someone who doesn’t invest in their own healing doesn’t change. They aren’t committed. They are the ones who miss appointments, don’t follow through with suggestions, have the biggest demands, and the least progress. Let’s not do that.

I do the group healing Monday through Friday. While I believe that spiritual services are free, I am requesting that you donate $1 per day ($5 per week) for your healing. It is not a fee. It’s a token of our mutual commitment to do this healing work together. I am a person of my word, but if I accept something from you, it keeps me responsible to my commitment to you. So, it’s a form of reciprocity.

And your donation goes to Pan Society, so everybody wins.

If you don’t have $5 per week, don’t worry. The donation is not required. Just let us know and I will add you to the list.

If you’d like to donate more, please do! Just scan the QRC code or click to donate by Paypal to get started.


Everything is energy. When energy is imbalanced, we move to a state of dis-ease. This can show up mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. It’s all connected.

The body is intuitive. It knows how to heal itself. All I do is make divine energy from Source available to your heart (all dis-ease originates in the energetic heart). The body knows what to do from there.

Although it’s possible to get instantaneous results, nature often is more subtle and moves at her own pace. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice anything right away (although particularly sensitive people report that they can feel when the healing session is taking place). Sometimes change is gradual and you only notice in looking back that things are easier. Or perhaps someone else points it out to you.

Gradual is actually really good because it gives you a chance to adapt. When the change is abrupt, the change can be overwhelming. You might get sicker before you get better. Things can feel really imbalanced and emotionally insecure. You may need to make huge changes like leaving a job or relationship. Your whole awareness may abruptly shift and suddenly all the things in your life that aren’t right become unbearably uncomfortable forcing you to change.

Be careful what you wish for! The change can be dramatic.

Healing might not be easy. We are here to support you. Just take one step at a time. Pause when you need to, and then keep going.

Sometimes people are concerned that the work is virtual. Distance doesn’t block energy. You don’t have to be present to benefit. If you want this bright and sunny change for yourself, send us your healing request. We don’t need to know what’s wrong. All we need is your name so we know where to direct the energy.