How to Get Ordained

Ordain means to officially invest with ministerial or priestly authority. Pan Society doesn’t do that. We don’t have the authority. This comes from Spirit. Your business with Spirit is between you and Spirit. Pan Society doesn’t have ministers. We call those who have a healing or helping calling amocaras. A lay amocara can be any person who commits to using his life, talents, and skills to promote the well being of other creatures. Amocaras commit to walking beside the people in their care and are never above or in front of them. To serve in this capacity for Pan Society, you have to be initiated.

How to Get Initiated as an Amocara?

Anyone who lives within our belief system and desires to serve in the capacity as “Servant” may initiate himself as an amocara. It doesn’t matter if his gifts have an outwardly spiritual slant or not. He may serve as a singer, accountant, writer, substance abuse counselor, psychic, or whatever gifts he has. This is a personal covenant and may be entered into or broken at any time. This does not constitute a formal relationship with Pan Society, LTD Headquarters. To act as a formal amocara requires training and an initiation by Pan Society, LTD. Amocaras may serve as teachers, healers, or celebrants. Teacher amocaras use their leadership skills and wisdom to help others become more wise. They may teach through story, song, lecture, or experiential means. Healer amocaras uses herbs, ritual, energy, song, movement, touch, or any of a number of healing modalities both traditional (like nursing or doula work) and non-traditional. Another form of healer amocara is called the duo utres. This person creates healing at the level of the spirit. Spirit decides who is a duo utres and who isn’t. The community validates this calling through patronage. A Celebrant amocara is one who holds ritual and ceremonies for the community. These may include birth rituals, coming of age rites, marriage ceremonies, funerals, holy day ceremonies, moon circles, and other rituals as members or the community require. Pan Society, LTD does not teach healing modalities, how to teach, or how to act as a duo utres. These must already be a part of your training or gifts. We train our amocaras in ethics and boundaries to assure that sovereignty, connection, and Oneness are always part of the work. We teach how to lead rituals. If you would like  a certificate to validate your self-initiation, send us a request. If you’d like to train with us in ethics or celebrancy, go here.