Four Spring Equinox Altar Ideas

Four Spring Equinox Altar Ideas

If you are a solo Pan practitioner who is just getting started, you may wish for some help creating your spring equinox altar. If so, this is just for you! Here are four spring equinox altar ideas.

Set Your Intention

Everything begins with an intention. Some themes of spring are things like renewal, birth, rebirth, creativity, communication, vision, Inner Child, ideas, wind, breath, growth, cleaning, and planting seeds.  Choose the theme that resonates with you so that you can work with the energy that is already here in Nature. The altar ideas are here to get your juices flowing. Be sure to do it your way using your theme. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Get creative and have fun with it.

Four Elements Altar

Although Air is the element for spring, it’s always appropriate to have an altar that is dedicated to all four elements. Some spring themed suggestions for what to put on this altar are as follows.
Altar cloth of any color.
Earth – flowers that are currently in bloom or soon will be like tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, and forsythia. Anything that is green now like cedar, pine, or holly. River stones or crystals. Seeds. Salt.
Water – a chalice of water, seashells.
Air and Fire – candles, aromatics like essential oils, palo santo, or sage, a cauldron to contain the fire
Air – a bell

Fertility Altar

This may help to bring in abundance or show thanks for all that the Earth is bringing to life right now.
Altar cloth- green for the greening of the Earth.
Mother goddess figurine(s) from any culture.
Colored eggs
Lotus Flower
Shiva Lingam
Arrange them in circles, spirals, triangles, or any way that seems pleasing to your eye.

Crystal Altar

Many people love crystals. They are small, powerful, and can reflect the energetic qualities of spring. Here are some ideas for which ones to use.
Black Tourmaline: helps to ground you. This is always a good choice – especially when Air is strongest. When energies are not moving, they can manifest as anger, depression, indecisiveness, and irritability. Black tourmaline can keep things balanced.
Carnelian: stimulates creativity, gets you going, and brings joy
Chrysoprase: balances energies, promotes love and hope for new things to come in.
Emerald: great for renewal and growth
Green Quartz: helps to attune to the natural world
Labradorite: helps with transformation, gets rid of fear and insecurity,

Balance Altar

The spring equinox is a time of balance of Yin and Yang energies. Here are some ideas for what to put on an altar devoted to balance.
Altar cloth of white, black and white (to represent the Yin and the Yang), or yellow (to represent spring).
candles to bring energy to the altar
symbols that represent opposites – like the God and Goddess; coins (work) and sand (play); greenery (life) and a crystal skull (death); sun and moon; the Taiji (yin/yang symbol)

Let your heart sing. This is an act of reverence. If you want to go big and let your altar sprawl out into the room or patio, do it. If it feels right to keep it tiny and contained, use the inside of a seashell or glass for your altar. Maybe one symbol or one color works best for you. Go for it. Don’t worry about perfection or making it a work of art. It’s more important that it’s a work of love. Show us your altar!