Four Spiritual Self Checks to Keep You On Track

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Four Spiritual Self Checks to Keep You On Track

If you are a growth oriented person (and I recommend it so that you can grow into a helpful elder), you’ll want to do spiritual self checks once in a while. A spiritual self check is a “how am I doing?” moment. 

You can do them periodically to make sure you’re on track. You can also do them when something tweaks you. Spiritual self checks can help affirm that you are acting within your values, you pivot when you need to change paths, and you stay connected to the people and things you care about. 

Everyone will have their own list of how they want to hold themselves accountable. Here are some common values to get you started.

Stay Humble

How do you hold yourself above others? Are you proud of how much folklore you know? Herbal wisdom? Mythology? Indigenous traditions? Are you a skilled storyteller, musician, or healer? 

All those things are great. It takes practice and diligence to develop any body of knowledge or skill. When you use it to elevate yourself above others, you create a divide of me vs. them. When you are divided, you can’t see something from different perspectives. This inhibits connection and growth. And remember too, if something isn’t good for all, it’s probably not good for one. 

The way to avoid this is to stay humble.

Be Nonjudgmental

Another way we separate ourselves from others is to judge them. Nobody is perfect. We all do careless, thoughtless, wrong, ineffective things. Some “not perfect” moments are more harmful than others. When we label others or condemn them as “bad,” we close off the path to connection and wholeness.

Nobody wants to be looked down upon. When that happens, we have two choices. We can believe the negative judgment which reduces our light. We can resist the negative judgment, become defensive, and fight back. This creates distance between us. Or we can embrace the negative judgment and become that, which strengthens the negativity. None of these are great options for the person or the world. 

Being nonjudgmental doesn’t mean you agree with someone’s beliefs or actions. It doesn’t even mean that you can’t do something about their actions (sex trafficking or trespassing, for example). It just means that you act from a place of non-attachment.

Be Truthful

Words are powerful. You have the ability to soothe or harm, create or destroy, join or separate with your words. Words create reality. Make sure that the reality you are spinning is one that is a blessing for all. If it’s not, it’s not good for anyone.

Be Yourself

Most of what I’ve said so far keeps us connected to the whole. If you give too much of yourself away in the process, that’s not healthy. So, I suggest that your spiritual self check list also include “be yourself.” You can’t sacrifice yourself and still be happy. The world needs your unique gift. You can’t share it if you’re not showing up in your life because you’ve given yourself away. 

Take time to self nurture. Be inspired. Create. Discover more of who you are. Expand. Delight in yourself. Then share yourself.

If you check yourself, no one else has to. What’s on your spiritual self check list?

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