fresh sauerkraut

How to Make Fresh Sauerkraut

Have you ever had fresh sauerkraut? No? It tastes so different from store bought and is so easy that you will wonder why you never tried it before now. You only need a 2 quart glass Mason jar, boiling water, 2 teaspoons of non-iodized salt...

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relationship with food

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship With Food?

As you know, animism is about living in relationship with everything. One thing that we westerners often don't have a great relationship with is food. Here are some things to think about to guide you in this area. Do You Grow, Forage for, or Hunt Your...

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dandelion jelly

How to Make Dandelion Jelly

I am sure you know about all the many medicinal and magical uses for everybody's favorite herb, dandelion. But did you know you can also make dandelion jelly? Yep! It tastes like honey, so you can use it as a honey replacer and get all...

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butternut squash

Two Butternut Squash Recipes for Autumn

Eating seasonally is one way to stay in tune with nature. Butternut squash is a great fruit to add to your autumn menus. It is high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. It has the added bonus of being low in calories, so this can...

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raise your vibration

Twelve Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Everything vibrates at a different frequency. Everything has its own healthy frequency. When your body’s frequency is lower than optimal, you can feel dark, moody, stuck, irritable, and unproductive. This shows up in your outer world as sadness, lack of aliveness, love, and opportunity. It...

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